Source: The Commonwealth Contribution to World War 1

colour sgt george williams

Colour Sergeant George Williams, 1/3rd Regiment Kings African Rifles, was a Sudanese soldier with an English name. He was awarded the KAR Distinguished Conduct Medal for reconnaissance work at Tsavo, East Africa in September 1914.

The next year in January 1915 at Jassin in the Umba Valley, Colour Sergeant Williams under a heavy enemy fire extricated the remainder of his platoon after one officer (Lieutenant GM Dean 1/3rd KAR) had been killed and the other seriously wounded.

Colour Sergeant Williams also managed to personally carry away the platoon machine gun after the crew and supporting carriers had all been killed or wounded too.

For this deed, the Divisional Commander Major MJ General Tighe, recommended him the Victoria Cross. If this award had been approved, George Williams would have been the first soldier in the KAR to be so honoured.

He did not receive the VC, but he was eventually awarded a bar to his DCM before he was killed later in July 1918. The main reason that the VC was not confirmed would seem to be inter-departmental politics. The War Office was not going to have the Colonial Office handing out their highest military decoration.