Ras Makonnen 1902

I bought this wonderful Ethiopian photograph.

On the back it says the following: “August 1902. Ras Makonnen (father of Haile Selassie I) visits UK for Coronation of King Edward VII”

According to Wikipedia this is true: In 1902, Ras Mäkonnen attended the coronation of King Edward VII in England, and paid visits to Italy, France, Turkey, and Germany. He received the following decorations: Badge & Star of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (Knight Commander), Star of the Russian Order of St. Anne, Star of the French Legion d’Honneur (Third Republic), Star of the Order of the Crown of Italy, Star of the Ottoman Order of Osmania.

I have since been contacted, for which I am very grateful, and this information can be added.

These are the people in the photograph, which was taken at the Lafayette Studio in London.

Ras Makonnen

Sitters: (left to right):

1 Memhir Gäbrä Egzi’abeher (c.1835-c.1905), Chief Priest of Harar district and Father Confessor to Ras Mäkonnen.

2 Fitawrari Abba Tabor (c.1845-c.1916/7), General and principal guardian of Ras Mäkonnen ‘s son, T’fari (later Emperor Haile Sellasie I).

3 Mika’él Berru (c.1875-1920’s), British Agency interpreter at Aden and then Addis Ababa.

4 Ras Makonnen (W ld -Mika’ l) (1852-1906), Ethiopian General & Governor of Harar, cr. Ras 1890; father of Emperor Haile Sellasie I.

5 Ras Mäkonnen (Wäldä-Mika’él) (1852-1906), Ethiopian General, and of Ras Mäkonnen’s son, Täfari (later Emperor Haile Sellasie I).).

6 K ntiba G bru D sta (1855-1950), Mayor of Gondar. Emperor Menilek II’s special envoy to the Khalifa at Omdurman and confidant; moderniser, first signatory to 1931 Constitution

Date: c. August 1902

Occasion: Visit to England for the Coronation of King Edward VII, 12 August 1902

Location: The Lafayette Studio, 179 New Bond Street, London

There is also a good deal of information about the visit.

More photographs of the visit can be found here.

Another fascinating angle is provided by Professor Richard Pankhurst, who has been campaigning of the return of certain Ethiopian artifacts.