Please keep an eye on the events taking place in the city of Bahir Dar, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia.

The so-called “foiled coup in Ethiopia’s Amhara region” happened on 22 June 2019. Most of the local people (including myself) believe that it was a tragedy and was initiated by the federal government with the aim of winning over the international community. It was part of the project for to give complete control to the Oromo ethic group. It wouldn’t take too long to get proof and evidence when there are telecom and internet access available.

Besides the killing of the regional leaders, dozens of Amhara party members were arrested, hundreds are killed and detained. The Regional state local security structure is dysfunctional on purpose.

As one of the Amhara ethnic, I have no objection to Oromos taking power – even if they take 100% of all power. As you know all ethnic Amhara were happy with and supported Prime Minister Abiy. We supported him based the democratic reforms he introduced in the first couple of months after he is in power. We supported him based on his speeches, promises, and liberality. We didn’t care about his ethnicity.

However, for an unknown reason, we are going from a bad to a worse situation, and this is bringing the democracy promised by Abiy into question. It appears to be shifting power from ethnic Tigrayans to Oromos.

As one of Amhara, I am calling for an investigation of the incident in the Amhara Regional State by an independent commission. I am demanding that ethnic Amhara are not arbitarily evicted, arrested, detained or killed. I demand at least basic human right. I don’t demanded to share power and resources: that would be a luxury for Amhara in  the current situation.

The world doesn’t want to see and listen the shadow secret behind the ethnic Amhara. The world has wrongly accepted the false narrative that had been done by The Tigray People’s Liberation Front and The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) for a decade “As Amhara was a root leader of Ethiopia” ( as witnessed by Herman Cohen,,

Innocent Amhara are being demonised and are suffering! Please help us, please be a voice for us.

God Bless Ethiopia!

Chemoga.R. Former Member of  Human Rights Council – Ethiopia,