Yes, the wonderful “My Octopus Teacher” won a BAFTA – the annual British Academy of Film and Television Awards.

Made in Cape Town, in an area I used to dive in – Miller’s Point – it is heartwarming. And it beat David Attenborough to win the prize!

This is from a review in the Times.

My Octopus Teacher film-maker Craig Foster
My Octopus Teacher film-maker Craig FosterNETFLIX

Never mind the big-name stars, it’s a wild octopus starring as her small blobby self who has made waves this year. Her breakout role was in My Octopus Teacher, which has been rewarded with nominations for a Bafta and an Oscar for best documentary, six months after it was released on Netflix last September.

The work is pitted against David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet and counts among its fans the singer Diana Ross, the author Richard Dawkins, the actor Zach Braff from Scrubs, and the billionaire businessman Richard Branson, who has stopped eating octopus as a result.

The film delves into the unlikely friendship between this slimy creature and the South African film-maker Craig Foster.