The TDF has been pushing southwards from Tigray into the Amhara region. It is difficult to be certain of their strategy, but one of the TDF commanders has been giving a rare insight into what is being attempted.

This is the source.

Here is a translation:

“I’m head of 3rd battalion of Ahiferom division. If I were to express the battle of Woldia in few words, since the enemy was boasting a lot, we entered into it after making high preparations.

However, it was not as we had expected. It was a very easy battle. All the weapons and tanks that were there were captured [by the TDF]. The place we are in is called Geregera.

We are continuing towards Gondar. Gayint is next, then we will take control of Debre Tabor and are going to block the Humera route.

We are prepared to block the route between Gondar and Bahir Dar. This is the mission we have been given”.

The source of this map is Ethiopia Map – it is not from the TDF