Peace negotiations (per 24 October)

  • The delegates of the Tigray regional government attending the AU-led peace talks have arrived in South Africa. The delegation from Ethiopia is expected to arrive in South Africa today.
  • The immediate cessation of hostilities, unfettered humanitarian access and withdrawal of Eritrean forces are a priority for the agenda of the talks.

Situation in Tigray (per 24 October)

  • According to Tigrai TV, a Tigray-affiliated network, Abi-Adi was hit by a drone strike on 23 October. It reports that several civilians were killed, including a child of two years old.
  • Tigray TV said that the Ethiopian and Eritrean joint forces are conducting a series of heavy weapons attacks targeting densely populated towns and villages of the Irob district, Tigray.
  • It also stated that multiple aerial strikes were carried out targeting civilian residences in Adwa, Maykenetal, Werkamba and surrounding areas for the last consecutive days.
  • The media also said that another round of drone attack was carried out today (24 October) in Mekelle at midnight, injuring one.
  • According to Tghat Media, 9000 prisoners of war were released by TDF in Mekelle on 21 October.
  • According to multiple sources, ENDF and EDF forces have occupied Aksum and have moved to Adwa.
  • An official document seen by AP News describes numerous cases of extrajudicial killings, arrests and sexual violence committed in Tigray.
  • According to aid and humanitarian workers in Shire, ENDF and EDF forces captured warehouses belonging to NGOs and  looted vehicles.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 24 October)

  • Addis Standard reports that Fano militants have allegedly killed at least 30 people after attacking four villages in Kiremu district, East Wollega zone of Oromia region.
  • Kiramu district Administrator, Fikadu Hunde, said that the attack that was carried out by armed Fano militants on 15 October left over 50 houses burned.

Regional Situation (per 24 October)

  • The death toll in the fighting in Sudan’s Blue Nile state rose to 220 as of 22 October and is likely to be even higher, while the number of displaced people has reached 7000.
  • The provincial government has declared a 30-day state of emergency and banned public gatherings, along with establishing a “fact finding “ committee to investigate the clashes.
  • Somali Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre, stated on 22 October that his government would continue to crack down on media organisations defying the state enforced gag order in an attempt to change public opinion, describing independent journalists as “propagandists”.
  • The World Food Programme warns that it’s only a matter of time before Somalia enters a full state of famine. The UN has appealed for 1 billion dollars to meet the crisis now threatening 7.6 million Somalis.

International Situation (per 24 October)

  • Reuters reported that the US government has granted a Temporary Protected Status of 18 months to Ethiopians currently residing in the United States.
  • US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield has said that she is disappointed that the closed door UNSC meeting on Ethiopia did not result in a statement.
  • Thomas-Greenfield said that “the United States is prepared to take appropriate measures against those who obstruct a resolution of this conflict and we are determined to have those who commit human rights abuses held to account”.
  • According to AP News, a joint statement proposed by the A3 and Norway was blocked by China and Russia; says an anonymous diplomatic source. The A3 insisted that Africa should be in the lead and asked China and Russia to support the AU-led process.
  • The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the AU met on 21 October 2022 to discuss the AU-led Peace Process for Ethiopia.
  • Alice Wairimu Nderitu, Under-Secretary-General Special Adviser to UN Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, stated that the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia found that the indicators and triggers signifying atrocity crimes were present in Ethiopia.
  • According to the International Crisis Group aggravating factors may lead to worse atrocities in Tigray than in the previous occupation, with the mix of inexperienced recruits making up most of Ethiopian forces and the heavy indoctrination and propaganda dehumanising Tigrayans they have been exposed to.

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