Peace negotiations (per 27 December)

  • Tigray spokesperson, Getachew Reda, states that the Ethiopian delegation that visited Mekelle on 26 December, was warmly welcomed in Tigray.
  • This delegation, led by the Speaker of the Ethiopian Parliament, Tagesse Chafo, was the first to visit Mekelle in two years, since the outbreak of the war in November 2020 and followed a second round of negotiations by Commanders held in Nairobi on 22 December.
  • Redwan Hussein, the chief negotiator of the Cessation of Hostilities (CoH) Agreement, states that Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy, has been briefed on the visit.
  • Following the briefing, PM Abiy instructed company directors to expedite the resumption of services in Tigray, according to Redwan Hussein.
  • The State Minister of the Ethiopia Government Communication Service Ministry Selemawit Kassa called the arrival ‘a historic moment’, according to Tigrai TV.
  • Getachew Reda says that the visit shows the increased confidence between the parties, demonstrated by the fact that the high-level delegation did not bring its own security personnel.
  • Following the visit, the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Mesfin, who participated in the visit of the Ethiopian delegation, states that regular flights to Mekelle in Tigray will resume as of 28th December.

Situation in Tigray (per 27 December)

  • Adigrat has suffered an earthquake M 5.5 – 64 km ENE of Ādīgrat, Ethiopia on 2022-12-26 12:21:07 (UTC) 14.488°N 40.015°E10.0 km depth.
  • Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) announced that 80 cities have been reconnected to the electric grid after they had been cut off due to the damage on electric infrastructure during the war in Tigray.
  • An update of the Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) in Tigray from 23 December reports that on 22 December about “2853mt in over 80 trucks” of humanitarian supplies were distributed to Adwa, Axum and Shire. Supplied include: food, fuel and medical items.
  • A second supply is planned to be sent on 23 December.
  • The report updates that, since 16 November, more than 74,100 MT of food and fuel stock have been brought through the four humanitarian corridors into Tigray.
  • The four open corridors are the Semera-Mekelle route, the Gondat Debark route, the Gondar Humera route and the Kombolcha-Mekelle route.
  • The ECC is concerned about the areas that are fully or partially out of reach for food and other supplies.
  • The difficult to reach areas are: Erob, Ganta Afeshum, Gulo Mekeda and Zala Anbesa town in Eastern Zone; Adet, Adwa, Aheferom, Ahsea, Chila, Edaga Arbi, Egela, Emba Sienti, Endafelasi, Enticho town and Rama in Central Zone; and Asgede and Zana in North Western Zone)
  • The ECC reports that in 46 woredas (areas) and towns an emergency food security assessment is planned, starting in mid-January 2023.
  • The humanitarian organisations mention the following problems: financial liquidity problems, communication challenges, access problems, lack of oil and lack of information.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 27 December)

  • According to Addis Standard (AS), Ethiopia Financial Intelligence Services suspended over 20 million USD which it said was allegedly accumulated ‘’illegally’’
  • AS added that 85 individuals were suspected to have been engaged in the alleged accumulation of 20.226.585 USD.
  • The delegation that visited Mekelle yesterday announced bank and telecom services will resume in Mekelle next week, says Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Abe Sano, president of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, said that the bank has deployed its 18 experts in Mekelle to make preparations to start baking services, added EBC.

International Situation (per 27 December)

  • Hirut Zemene, the Ambassador of Ethiopia to the Benelux countries (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) and the EU institutions, stated that the countries “have pledged full support for the implementation as well as continued economic partnership” following the CoH Agreement.

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