I have just bought this photograph.

On its rear it says:

“By Air and Telephoto: First Official picture of the battle for Adowa.

Associated Press Photo Shows: An Italian native fieldgun crew from Eritrea engaged in bombarding the town of Adowa which was captured on Sunday after a desperate battle. The first official picture of actual fighting in northern Abysinia flown to Rome and wired to London.”

This background from Wikipedia:

On 3 October 1935, two hundred thousand soldiers of the Italian Army commanded by Marshal Emilio De Bono attacked from Eritrea (then an Italian colonial possession) without prior declaration of war.[13][14] At the same time a minor force under General Rodolfo Graziani attacked from Italian Somalia. On 6 October, Adwa was conquered, a symbolic place for the Italian army because of the defeat at the Battle of Adwa by the Ethiopian army during the First Italo-Ethiopian War. On 15 October, Italian troops seized Aksum, and an obelisk adorning the city was torn from its site and sent to Rome to be placed symbolically in front of the building of the Ministry of Colonies created by the Fascist regime.