Situation in Tigray (per 28 March)

  • Sources reported that the situation in Tigray is improving as institutions in Ethiopia have received authorisation to make direct work-related contact with institutions in Tigray following the removal of TPLF from Ethiopia’s terrorist list.
  • Sources report UN organisations have received authorisation to make direct money transfers to Tigray institutions.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 28 March)

  • Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared at the 11th session of the House of Peoples Representatives (HPR) of the Federal the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
  • In the session, parliamentarians asked questions about the lack of peace and security, the increasing cost of living, safety, and security of civilians, sovereignty, and lack of good governance and development of the country.
  • In response to issues of peace and security raised by the parliamentarians, the Prime Minister said that there is yet a lot to be done in order to reach full peace, adding that the general public is also called on to assist in all efforts.
  • Officials from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are in Ethiopia, reportedly for talks on a new funding program for Ethiopia, according to Bloomberg.
  • An IMF spokesperson said that Ethiopia requested assistance to implement its economic reforms.
  • “A potential program would support the authorities’ Homegrown Economic Reform program and help Ethiopia stabilize its economy so that it can meet its economic, humanitarian, and social challenges, create jobs, and reduce poverty”,  said the spokesperson.
  • Getnat Ashagre, journalist at Amhara Voice Media, was reportedly taken into detention on 26 March in Addis Ababa. The reason is not yet disclosed.
  • His sister and a colleague confirmed the journalist is being investigated by the Federal Police Criminal Investigation Office. His work equipment was taken for investigation as well. 

Regional Situation (per 28 March)

  • The format of the main sovereign authority in Sudan remains unclear amidst ongoing political negotiations, reports  Sudan Tribune. Parties to the political process are deciding between individual presidency and collegiate body.
  • The decision should be known by 1 April when the political agreement is expected to be finalised.
  • The Chairperson of the African Union Commission called for engagement in dialogue amidst the violence following protests in Kenya. At least three people have been killed since the protests started.
  • Properties of the opposition leader Raila Odinga and former President Uhuru Kenyatta were attacked and looted. Police officers did not intervene.
  • Odinga accused the government of hiring the vandals.

International Situation (per 28 March)

  • The UN Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Libya found in its final report that there are reasonable grounds to believe that refugees and migrants in Libya have been systematically tortured and that the crime against humanity of sexual slavery was committed.
  • It stated that refugees and migrants in detention are victims of “murder, enforced disappearance, torture, enslavement, sexual violence, rape and other inhumane acts […]”.
  • It found that there are “reasonable grounds to believe that high-ranking staff of the Libyan Coast Guard, the Stability Support Apparatus and the Directorate for Combating Illegal Migration colluded with traffickers and smugglers, which are reportedly connected to militia groups […]”.
  • The Fact-Finding Mission states that the systematic, ongoing and widespread nature of the crimes implicates personnel and officials of the Directorate for Combating Illegal Migration at all levels.
  • The report stated that trafficking, enslavement, forced labour, imprisonment, extortion and smuggling is generating a large amount of income for individuals, including state institutions.
  • The Fact-Finding Mission found reasonable grounds to believe that migrants were enslaved in official detention centres and secret prisons.
  • It further states that the European Union and its member States provided funding,  technical support and equipment, such as boats, to the Libyan Coast Guard and the Directorate for Combating Illegal Migration that was used in the interception and detention of migrants.
  • The bodies of 29 refugees and migrants from sub-Saharan Africa were recovered off Tunisia after three shipwrecks. A Tunisian NGO reports that 67 people are still missing.
  • Italian Ambassador in Ethiopian Agostino Palese told Ethiopian New Agency (ENA) that his country is ready to support the rehabilitation of conflict-affected areas of Ethiopia.
  • The ambassador also said that Italy will assist the peace process in Ethiopia.
  • He said “The next step would be to have inclusive dialogue throughout Ethiopia and to solve the problem with political dialogue. Political inclusiveness is the only way to go forward. I don’t see other options.”
  • He also said “We always push with the international organizations to help Ethiopia in this difficult moment, especially in the humanitarian sector, and now in the rehabilitation of the infrastructure,”

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