“Its unprecedented – we’ve never had a protest like this!”

By bus, train, plane and car, Eritreans from across Europe have come to Switzerland – determined to support the UN Commission of Inquiry into the gross human rights violations taking place back home.

Geneva demonstrationSome 5,000 people are on the march. “I can’t even see the end!” one jubilant member told me.

Disabled veterans of Eritrea’s fight for independence and its war with Ethiopia led the way. All proud to be there – to make their mark.

The UN Commission reported that the regime’s human rights abuses were so severe they could amount to “crimes against humanity.”

“Issias to the International Criminal Court” – one of the popular slogans on the march.

Here two demonstrators are showing the terrible forms of torture their countrymen have had to endure.

Geneva demonstration tortureEritrea demo Geneva

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