Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy has reportedly announced the start of “a special operation” against those who are attacking defenseless victims, i.e. the OLA.

This is strikingly similar to the start of ‘the law enforcement operation’ against Tigray in November 2020. Then a similar massacre of ethnic Amharas in Wollega was used as a pretext for igniting public anger, which served to give the operation much needed public support.

The OLA has demanded a “credible independent investigation,” into the attack that took place over the weekend, costing some 300 lives. They go further, calling for the investigation to consider what they call “all previous ones”.

The OLA claims that the perpetrators are wig-wearing, regime-affiliated militants masquerading as OLA fighters.

Whether the operation against the OLA will have the strength the invasion of Tigray had, or will turn out to be just a publicity stunt is impossible to know.

This attack may be aimed at deflecting public attention from atrocities committed against ethnic Oromos in Gambella by government affiliated Special Forces, or even turn out an attempt to mend increasingly fragile relations with Amhara.