The idea of the Russian President breaking rocks in the quarry on Robben Island, just off Cape Town, may seem a bit (or more than a bit!) far fetched, but look at the threat the Premier of the Western Cape has issued.

Alan Winde says in no uncertain terms.

Quite how this would work is hard to imagine, but it is a wonderful prospect.

After all, President Cyril Ramaphosa – after flip flopping about whether South Africa remains part of the International Criminal Court – now accepts that it is, and will remain so.

The Presidency says South Africa will remain a signatory to the Rome Statute and “will continue to campaign for equal and consistent application of international law”.

Which means that Putin could be jailed if he visits any part of South Africa for the BRICS summit in August this year, since the ICC issued an arrest warrant for the Russian leader in March this year, for his part in the invasion of Ukraine.