Eritrea: “Thousands” detained in Asmara (update at end)

It is reported from sources inside Eritrea that thousands of younger people of military age (18 – 40) have been rounded up.  They have been taken to military training centres in Sawa and Wea. Similar sweeps are said to have taken place in the town of Keren.  In Asmara the operation is reported to have been carried out by Ethiopian opposition movements operating in Eritrea – mainly from the Tigray People’s Democratic Front known as Demhit locally.

Note: Sawa is on the Sawa river and is Eritrea’s main training camp. Wea (or Wi’a) is on the Red Sea Coast South of Massawa and is a notoriously harsh punishment camp. See Eritrea bans Lampedusa obituary notices for a previous reference to the Tigray People’s Democratic Front activities.

See:Eritrea’s network of prisons for details of camps

Since I received that first information I have had this:

“Eritrean youths being arrested in Asmara and Massawa, but also Keren, Mendefere, Dekemhare, Seganeiti.  The allegation that the rounding up is being done by Tigrayan members of Demhit is confirmed by this source.  They are said to also provide personal security for President Isaias as well as guarding the president’s residence at night. In Massawa it is said that the sweep was conducted by a troops from a unit called “61 division”, which is terrorising the region.”