Italian camel corpsThis photography by the Press Agency headed: “Italian Troops in Addis Ababa, 7 May 1936”

This was the time that Addis had fallen to the invading Italian army which had advanced into Ethiopia from Eritrea (with 400,000 troops) an Somaliland (220,000 troops). The attack began on 28 March 1935 and despite heroic Ethiopian resistance the forces of Emperor Haile Selassie were overwhelmed by a force using air power, tanks and nerve gas. On the 5th of May 1936 Addis fell, but not before substantial rioting and looting throughout the city.

This is the text that went with the photograph:

“Although the Italian troops are now well established in Addis Ababa, and Rome is in ecstacy, troops are still entering the capital. The wholesale looting and killing is over, but bands of desperate Gallas are roaming near city, and are a constant danger. C.P.S. Machine gun units, being moved up to Addis Ababa, by camel transport, during the recent entry into Addis Ababa.”