Stung by allegation by Human Rights Watch that its peacekeepers in Darfur had failed to accurately report on crimes committed by government forces, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has ordered a review of all inquiries concerning Darfur undertaken since mid-2012. Human Rights Watch were echoing a statement from the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court who, in her report to the UN Security Council dated June 17, 2014, called for a “thorough, independent and public inquiry” into the alleged reporting problems.

Reacting to the announcement, Philippe Bolopion, spokesman for Human Rights Watch said that the decision was encouraging and a step in the right direction, but does not yet go far enough. Mr Bolopion said that Human Rights Watch has little confidence that the allegations have been thoroughly investigated so far.


The Statement from the UN Spokesman is below, followed by the Human Rights Watch call for an investigation.

UN StatementUN: Investigate Alleged Darfur Cover-Ups – Human Rights Watch Statement