I have received details of the tragic events of last Sunday, when National Service conscripts were shot in cold blood in Asmara. They were attempting to escape from trucks taking them to the port of Assab.

The information is from inside Eritrea


On 03 April 2016  conscripts who jumped from vehicles were shot at in cold blood in front of many people. As a result, some died, some were wounded from the shooting and others were injured when they jumped from the vehicles.

A total of 29 conscripts were killed or injured.

Six were killed on the spot and eighteen were taken to hospital. Five of those in Halibet hospital have since died of their injuries. The remainder are under under heavy guard.

Reliable sources reveal that some of those still in hospital are in a critical condition. The numbers of fatalities may rise.

These are the names of some of the 18 wounded in hostpital:
1) Dawit Mickael
2) Abraham Fessehaye
3) Habtom Girmay
4) Mehanie Gebremedhin
5) Biniyam Zeray
6) Yonas Teame
7) Seare Welday
8) Yonatan Andemeskel
9) Basiliyos Zemhiret
10) Samuel Tekie

The other names are presently unknown.

We have all the names of the dead, however since not all the families have been informed the names of most are being withheld. However we will disclose 2 of the youth who died in hospital as their families have been told and have begun mourning.

1) Che’ay Haabtesilasie Gebremeskel the son of Mr Habtesilasie Gebremeskel who resides in Adi Guadad and works in a textile factory.
2) Yafiet Fessehaye Mengesha the son of Mr Fessehaye Mengesha who is from Mai Temenai Asmara and works in the transport industry.

These two deceased that we have listed were not part of the group who were rounded and taken to Barka for military service. When the incident took place they were just at the wrong time and wrong place and due to their heavy wounds, they died in hospital.