News of Victory

The Tigray army has continued its offensive on the enemy with high perseverance and bravery until the safety of the people of Tigray becomes complete and so that our enemies may never find an opportunity to cause suffering on our people again

  1. On the western front
  2. 31/08/21-05/09/21 around Dabat and Debarik, on the areas Zewge Gual Wikin, Mikael Merawi, Mariam Gola, the enemy carried out successive offensives in an attempt to capture the areas that were under the control of our forces in response to which we undertook defensive actions and counterattacks. Consequently the 24th, 31st, 101st, 102nd, 53rd, 54th allied divisions, 3rd brigade of 51st division, Oromia [forces] organized as 301 division, large number of Amhara Special Forces, militia and Fano were destroyed and spectacular victory was achieved.
  3. In this operation, 10,520 were killed, 14,500 wounded, 164 captured; in total 25,184 loss of manpower
  4. More than 25 Bren, more than 60 communication radios, hundreds of light weaponry have become the property of the brave Tigray army
  5. On Mersa Front
  6. 04-07/09/21 Tigray army carried out successive lightning offensives on enemy forces that had been deployed around Jawi, Milli river, Boboma Bistima, around Kemise and Wuchali. Enemy forces deployed: 12th, 13th, 31st divisions, commando, large number of Amhara Special Forces, militia and Fano whose manner of organization is not yet known as well as Oromia Special Forces
  7. Allied casualties: 1,340 killed, 1,045 wounded, dozens were captured.
  8. Plenty of light and medium weapons, including Dshk, communication radios and thousands of ammunition were seized
  9. Moreover, the enemy forces – 11th, 21st, 30th, 52nd infantry divisions of Southern Command – attempted to mobilize via Wadla Delanta, cut through Sanka and attack Woldia. Our army carried out counterattack aimed at clearing of areas resulting in the killing of 603 enemy forces, 425 were wounded and dozens were captured. The offensive on this front is still continuing.
  10. Our brave army has inflicted an attack on the 23rd division, Amhara Special Forces and militia, Commando that had been stationed around Haro Sedoma, north Wollo. The 23rd, 27th, 34th infantry divisions also entered the fight in an attempt to save these forces. Consequently 2,000 were killed, 2,500 wounded and dozens were captured. Plenty of light and heavy weaponry were captured.
  11. On Debre Zebit Front
  12. 31/08/21-08/09/21 the full might of 33rd, 34th infantry division, 1 brigade of 54th division, Mekdela, Belay Zeleke and Dejen brigades of Amhara Special Forces, militia that came from Gojjam as well as north and south Gondar took part in large numbers. Our brave army, withstanding the cold and frost and unhindered by cliffs and difficult terrain, was able to destroy the enemy:
  13. 4,035 were killed, 6,425 wounded
  14. 1 BMP, 1 Zu-23,
  15. 1 Ural loaded with ammunition got destroyed
  16. Tens of light weaponry and plenty of military equipment was captured
  17. In total:
  • 17,800 were killed
    • 20,470 were wounded
    • 195 were captured
    • 42, 560 human losses was inflicted on the demoralized enemy
  • Concerning weapons and equipment
    • 3 tanks
    • 1 BMP
    • 1 Zu 23, 1 Ural loaded with ammunition were destroyed
    • 10 Dshk, 65 Bren, 76 various communication radios, dozens of snipers, hundreds of light weapons, plenty of ammunition has come under the control of our brave army

We would like to announce that the brave Tigray army will carry out successive offensives and score glorious victories until the safety of the people of Tigray is secured regardless of where the enemy resides and how intensely it fortifies itself. We would like to congratulate our people and our supporters.

Tigray will be victorious!

Military Command of Tigray army

“News of Victory”, TPLF Facebook page, 10/09/21