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NO to incitement to violence! NO to hate speech! NO to war propaganda! by PFDJ

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NO to incitement to violence!  NO to hate speech!  NO to war propaganda!  by PFDJ

In the past, alleged cultural events organized by representatives of the Eritrean regime took place regularly in Giessen in the name of the Eritrea culture festival. Under this pretext, the Eritrean government is attempting to obtain monetary income from the Eritrean diaspora, which mostly lives in Germany and other western countries. Many Eritreans who are now in the diaspora are refugees who have fled their homeland due to massive human rights violations and repressive state action.

However, the Eritrean regime uses a propaganda campaign and illegal methods to gain access to diaspora income. The Eritrean government organizes so-called cultural events that take place in the city of Gießen and other German and European cities. In the name of the cultural events, also known as “Eritrean Festivals”, the Eritrean government circumvents sanctions and tries to increase the budget through illegal fundraising campaigns. These funds are used, among other things, to subsidize military conflicts. In Dalls (USA) and in Stockholm (Sweden), for example, such events have been heavily criticized by the Eritrean community and local politicians. the event

We appeal and count on the participation of politics and civil society to curb the large event of the Eritrean regime. We also appeal to the landlord of the property not to allow such a major event to be held there. We endeavor to take all conceivable precautions to ensure that there is no room for inflammatory content.

This event violates the German Basic Law and German moral norms. It is therefore important to take a closer look at the matter and ban it once and for all!

Why is that important?

It is known that Eritrea is taking an active part in the current war in northern Ethiopia. These events serve in particular to glorify and financially support the war. As a Putin supporter, the Eritrean dictator incites against the West and its “anti-war campaign”. This could also be clearly heard at past events (e.g. in Stockholm). War slogans, patriotic songs and hate and racist statements against people of Tigray are main programs at the event.
People in Eritrea are also suffering greatly from the war in Tigray. Many young men and women are recruited for war, overpriced food becomes unaffordable, electricity and water are lacking in every household. The regime nevertheless presents itself as a winner and deceives the people through propaganda in the diaspora and in the country itself.

We too, as the Eritrean community in Germany, fear that his aggressive actions against activists and human rights defenders abroad will further divide and decompose the situation here. The extended arm of the dictatorship reaches to Germany and we want to continue to lead a free life in Germany and in particular enable the newly arrived refugees to find a new home in Germany without having to fear further oppression and intimidation. That is why we are doing everything we can to combat hate speech and the glorification of violence as well as the persecution and threats to the Eritrean dispora community in Germany. We count on your support and solidarity with the Eritrean community.

How the signatures are handed over

We would like to send this petition to the Geissner regulatory office, to the Lord Mayor and Magistrate of Gießen, to the Gießen city councillors, to the state government (Hessian Ministry) and to the property management at Messe Gießen and various organizations to present our position against the pseudo-cultural event.