Lavrov Announces Creation of Framework for Russia-Eritrea Trade Consultations

Lavrov:  Russia and Eritrea have agreed to create a mechanism for trade consultations

MASSAWA (Eritrea), 27 JAN- RIA Novosti

Russia and Eritrea have agreed to establish an interdepartmental framework for consultations on matters related to trade and economics. According to Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov, both countries will work to insulate their partnership from the ongoing effects of Western sanctions.

“We have a mutual interest in developing cooperation in the area of trade and economics. We have agreed to set up a bilateral framework for consultations between the relevant departments that will address economic, trade and investment issues,”  Lavrov told journalists.

He likewise noted that both nations will promote direct contact between their respective business communities “that have shown an interest in pursuing joint projects in the mining industry, energy sector, agricultural sphere and information communication technologies, among others.”

“Of course, at the same time,”  the foreign minister concluded, “we will look into what concrete steps can be taken to shield our partnership from illegitimate Western sanctions.”