Peace negotiations (per 06 February)

  • A Tigray delegation, led by Getachew Reda and Gen. Tsadkan Gebre Tinsay, met in person with an Ethiopian delegation led by PM Abiy Ahmed, DPM Demeke Mekonen accompanied by high level government officials on Friday, 3 February, in southern Ethiopia.
  • The delegations discussed the implementation of the Pretoria Cessation of Hostilities (CoH) Agreement.
  • It was the first time since 2 November 2022 that PM Abiy joined the ‘Peace Agreement Implementation Coordination Committee’, said Ethiopia State Media.
  • TDF chief commander General Tadesse spoke to Ethiopian television following the meeting, stating there was a positive atmosphere with focus on making the conflict history and starting reconstruction.
  • He said the two parties qualified the implementation of the agreement as “slow” but generally good in comparison to the conflict situation a few months ago.
  • He also stated that “no single gun fire was heard” since the agreement was signed and this showed “the armies were well very well managed on both sides.”
  • He added a situation is being created where the parties cannot revert back to war again.
  • Gen Tadesse also stated that accountability cannot be skipped through negotiations.
  • Ethiopian National Defense Forces reported starting movement of the heavy weapons which were handed over by TDF, says Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC).
  • ENDF is moving heavy weapons and vehicles from a place in Tigray called Ageulae, 36 kms east of regional capital Mekelle, to undisclosed areas.
  • Civil administration and security forces of the central zone of Tigray entered Axum, including zonal, district and subdistrict administrators.
  • The regional administration is being reinstated as ENDF disengaged themselves from the city and settled in pre-war camps in the area.
  • The civil administration of northwestern Zone of Tigray is also reportedly preparing to enter Shire city.
  • The Ethiopian Ministry of Peace estimates 400.000 deaths from armed conflicts in Ethiopia, states The Reporter Ethiopia. The figure is noted in the “Sustainable and Universal Peace Building Program (2023-2032)” which is open for comments.
  • Other sources have previously estimated that up to two times as many people may have been killed during the Tigray conflict alone.

Situation in Tigray (per 06 February)

  • The National Bank of Ethiopia has sent 5 billion birr to address the cash shortages of banks in Tigray, according to Dimtsi Woyane.
  • Ethiopian Airlines has increased its daily flights from Addis Ababa to Mekelle from three to five.
  • This followed the meeting between the Tigray and Ethiopia delegations on Friday (3 February).
  • All damaged bridges leading to Tigray have been repaired and are fit for road transport service between the region and the rest of Ethiopia, says FBC citing Ethiopian Road Administration Authority.
  • The repaired bridges include those over Tekeze river which connect Western zone of Tigray with the other parts of Tigray.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 06 February)

  • Ethiopia’s federal government called on the factions within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to resolve their differences peacefully through discussions, says a statement from the government communications office.
  • The statement warned that “the government will take action against all those that are working to disintegrate Ethiopia under the cover of religion.”
  • The Church-affiliated Tewahedo Media Center (TMC) stated that three people were killed when Oromia special forces attacked an Orthodox church in Shashamene, Oromia.
  • Today (6 February), voting has started in a referendum for regional statehood in parts of the current Southern Nations, Nationalities and People region of Ethiopia, says Fana Broadcasting Corporate.
  • The referendum is reportedly taking place in Gamo, Wollaita, Gedeo, Konso zones and Burgi, Basketo, Ale, Amaro and Derashe special districts. Over 3 million people have been registered to vote.

International Situation (per 06 February)

  • Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Italy today and met with Prime Minister Meloni. They signed a financial collaboration agreement of 180 million € for 2023-2025.
  • He appreciated President Sergio Mattarella for receiving the Ethiopian delegation this morning.
  • He tweeted “Ethiopian – Italian relations spanning over many decades have been long standing and defined by a fruitful partnership. We will continue to enhance existing relations.”
  • Envoys from France, Norway, the United States, Britain, Germany and the European Union envoy to the Horn of Africa will visit Khartoum, Sudan, on 8 and 9 February. They will discuss progress towards a democratic transition.
  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will also arrive in Sudan on 8 February to discuss bilateral, regional and international matters.
  • Independent Russian Telegram channel Mozhem Obyasnit alleges that Russia attempted to ‘bribe’ African countries to abstain from a UN vote to condemn its operations in Ukraine.
  • Allegedly, Russia offered military equipment contracts for Eritrea.

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