Peace negotiations (per 06 April)

  • Getachew Reda, president of the interim administration of Ethiopia’s Tigray region, announced his cabinet members, according to Tigrai Television.
  • His cabinet has 27 members including former Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces Lieutenant General Tsadkan Gebretinsae and TDF commander of Tigray defense forces Lieutenant General Tadesse Werede.
  • The cabinet also includes members of the National Congress of Great Tigray (also known as Baitona).
  • The interim administration will be govern until the elections and a regional government is formed.
  • Ethiopian Minister of State for the Transport Sector, Ber’eo Hassan and Ethiopian Denge Boru visited the state of the general transport facilities and infrastructure in Tigray together with the leaders of the interim administration of the region, says Addis Standard.
  • Minister of State for Transport Sector, Ber’eo Hassan, stated that the discussion focused on re-establishing the institutions and reorganizing capacities to restore land transport to the Tigray region.
  • Denge Boru, the Minister of State for Logistics at the Ministry, said that the delegation’s stay in the regional state and the discussions held were effective.
  • The officials of the federal and regional governments have reportedly reached a consensus to design joint short, medium, and long-term plans and to turn them into practical activities as soon as possible.
  • A delegation of higher education institutions led by State minister of Higher Education Dr Samuel Kifle arrived in Mekelle, according to Dimtsi Woyane.
  • The delegation was received by Dr Kiros Guesh, head of the Bureau of Education and other high-ranking officials of the interim administration.
  • The delegation is reportedly scheduled to visit schools destroyed and looted during the war.

Situation in Tigray (per 06 April)

  • The Ethiopian Ministry of Health announced that 194 health institutions in Tigray have resumed their services since the Pretoria Cessation of Hostilities agreement was signed.
  • Samuel Dinkneh, Health system and health services coordinator at the ministry reportedly said the health institutions have reorganised their staff and started providing medical services.
  • He also said vaccination programs, which were interrupted for two years due to the war, have started.

Regional Situation (per 06 April)

  • Anita Kiki Gbeho, UNSG deputy representative for Somalia, states that ordinary people are among those targeted by the al-Shabaab militants.
  • She said the UN is committed to “working with Somali authorities and local and international partners to protect civilians and foster peace, security and development in Somalia.”
  • She also said, “on this international day, we especially recognize the courage and dedication of the mine action operators and their commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for all Somalis.”
  • The heavy rains and flash floods have reportedly affected almost 100.000 people in the Bardhere district of the Gedo region of southern Somalia.
  • Demonstrations have been called in Sudan after the agreement between civilians, military and paramilitary was postponed again.
  • In a statement, the civilian bloc Forces for Freedom and Change (FLC) said “The signing has been postponed due to the resumption of talks between the military (…) on April 1 and 6.”
  • The statement also said “negotiations have made progress on several points, but one final issue has yet to be finalized.”

International Situation (per 06 April)

  • The second pro-forma hearing of the Eritrean national Tewelde Goitom, also known as ‘Walid’ or ‘Welid, took place today in the Netherlands. He is accused of leading a criminal network that committed grave human rights abuses in Libya and who extorted refugees to pay large sums of ransom.
  • Walid was charged with leading a criminal organisation, human smuggling and extortion.
  • Two new charges were placed on Walid during the hearing.
  • Walid was accused of attempting to influence witnesses from prison in the Netherlands. The conversations were caught on wiretap by the prosecution. This is added to the charges against him.
  • Walid is further accused of falsifying ID documents, by attempting to obtain an Ethiopian driver’s licence from detention.
  • Walid continues to maintain that there is a confusion of his identity.
  • Partly due to the new charges, Walid has been placed under a stricter prison regime.
  • It is the first time a top-level human trafficker is being tried in the Netherlands. Walid was convicted to 18 years in Ethiopia. The crimes he is on trial for in the Netherlands are additional to the crimes for which he was convicted in Ethiopia.
  • The Dutch prosecution is asking for the extradition of another top-level human trafficker, Kidane Zekarias Habtemariam, who was rearrested in Sudan on 1 January 2023 and is currently being tried for money laundering in the UAE. The prosecution would like to bring the cases together.
  • The next hearing of Walid will be held on 27 June 2023 on 13:30 in the courthouse in Zwolle.

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