Situation in Sudan (per 17 April)

  • Fighting between Momahed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti)’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) under Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan broke out this weekend, following the failure to form a civilian transitional government in Sudan.
  • The Sudanese Doctors’ Committee estimates that 97 civilians have been killed in ongoing fighting.
  • Hemedti said today that the RSF will pursue the leader of SAF Abdel Fattah al-Burhan “and bring him to justice,” while Sudan’s army called on paramilitary fighters to defect and join the armed forces.
  • Al-Burhan stated that he is still willing to negotiate and is open to the delegation of East-African presidents to mediate.
  • The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is intending to mediate and to send the presidents of Kenya, South Sudan and Djibouti as soon as possible to reconcile conflicting Sudan groups.
  • However, as the airport is under threat, it is unclear how the leaders would or could travel to Sudan.
  • Burhan asserts that the army controls airports in 18 states but there are contradictory reports.
  • An emergency session of the Arab League was held on Sunday to discuss Sudan.
  • Following the closed consultations on Yemen, Security Council members will discuss the situation in Sudan under “any other business”, at the request of the UK.
  • There is no support for the war among civilians; many have been fleeing the city to other states where there is no fighting.
  • Groups of Civil Society Organisations are organising an anti-war platform including community leaders, which will call for, among others, a ceasefire and humanitarian corridor.
  • The Darfur Network for Human Rights (DNHR) released a statement calling on cessation of hostilities and protection of civilians and staff of humanitarian agencies, NGOs and INGOs, a return to the negotiation tables, and for fighters to respect the Geneva convention (incl 2 additional protocols).
  • The humanitarian situation is bad, especially in parts of Omdurman, Khartoum and Nyala.
  • The SAF and RSF agreed to a humanitarian corridor in Khartoum on Sunday for a three-hour period.
  • World Food Programme has suspended all activities in Sudan after three people were killed.
  • The situation in Nyala is not stable, with INGOs and houses of civilians being looted. The armed forces do not control Nyala.
  • It is unclear whether Zalingi is under Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) or Rapid Sudanese Forces (RSF), but civilian casualties have been reported.
  • The situation in El Geneina is better than over the last 2 days, the markets partly reopened, but people are nervous; there are many militias other than RSF around the north of the city.
  • In North Darfur there is a fierce battle between SAF and RSF. The hospital is full, with big shortages of medical supply.
  • In South and East Darfur there have been no clashes yet, but RSF is closing areas in East Darfur.
  • The headquarters of the RSF in South Kordofan were seized, though the situation is generally calm until now. There have been no clashes between the army and the RSF, since RSF withdrew more than 95% of their forces from Kadugli to Khartoum, the rest of the force surrendered to the army.
  • Kassala and Gedaref are under SAF control. The Red Sea area is stable, the harbour was working today.
  • The Blue Nile was stable today after clashes on Saturday and Sunday, but people fear arrest of activists.
  • In Khartoum there were strong clashes especially in Buri, K2 and Amarat areas.
  • Resistance Committees have organised cars and buses near the Soba bridge taking people to Medani.
  • Omdurman was more quiet after days of fighting; the RSF seems to have left the area. There were clashes around the TV building, but no confirmed reports of any take over. There is water shortage.
  • The border between Sudan with Chad has been closed, with increased military presence, among others to reportedly stop refugee and migrant movements.
  • Egypt has confirmed that a group of its soldiers has been captured in Sudan during a joint training. The RSF said it would cooperate in returning them.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 17 April)

  • Despite protests, the Ethiopian government said on 16 April that it has successfully disarmed regional militias as part of its push to restore stability in the country.
  • The position is that all the Special Forces are brought under Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF).
  • The government’s push to disarm militias across the country triggered violent protests in Amhara state,  claiming civilian lives. Amhara Special Forces have also been dissolved.
  • It is understood that the ENDF is now formally in control over the Western Tigray region (Wolkait) since regional special forces are under control of the ENDF.
  • There are reports that the Amharic Fano militia have been moved to Eritrea.
  • Divisions in the Orthodox church pose a new threat: 30 people were killed in Oromia.
  • At least 8 journalists have been detained amid unrest in Ethiopia. As of Friday, six are still imprisoned, facing allegations which include inciting violence.

Situation in Tigray (per 17 April)

  • Ambassador Teshome Toga, National Rehabilitation Commission Commissioner said rehabilitation of former combatants will intensify.

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