Press release on the critical situation of the refugees in upper Nile and unity states in the republic of South Sudan

Source:Neroun Phillip Ajo, Executive director:Sudan relief and rehabilitation agency (SRRA)


Yida campAs a result of the continuous fighting in the Upper Nile and Unity states in the Republic of South Sudan, and the departure of international organizations, over 200,000 refugees in Maban and Yida camps are facing tremendous challenges.

The recent conflict in South Sudan that broke out on December 15th 2013,has put Sudanese people escaping violence from south Kordofan and Blue Nile in a critical security situation. More than 82000 refugees from the camps of Yida and Ajoung Thok in unity state and around 122000 in Maban area in upper Nile in the camps of kaya,yousif batil,Doro and Gindrassa face critical humanitarian situation and are in need of assistance.More over tension between the host community of Maban county and refugees from Blue Nile that started early this month, as a result of accusations of livestock theft and cutting down of trees has aggravated their situation,the youth from Maban have recently demanded the refugees to be evacuated immediately but an intervention of the Maban county commissioner has secured a more realistic two month deadline.

In Yida refugee camp more than 1,300 people who have fled violence in
Western Kadugli as a result of the government dry season offensive, have not been registered and refused ration cards unless allowed to move to the new camp of Ajuong Thok. Furthermore, over 25,000 school age children cannot receive education unless their parents move to the new camp.
Trapped between the violence in Sudan and that of the neighbor South Sudan,  the refugees from Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains have been cut off and they face a difficult choice. They can remain in the camps without assistance or return to their homeland and face insecurity and daily aerial bombardments from government forces where already half a million IDPs are living with little food and water and no shelter also due to the lack of access to the United Nations and international organizations by the Government of Sudan. :

We appeal to :-

  • The United nations mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to make every effort to protect the refugees from Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile in Unity state and Upper Nile.
  • The united nations high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) not to abandon the refugees in Maban county, UNHCR should intervene between the refugees,the maban host community and the government of South Sudan to locate secure camps for the refugees from Blue Nile.
  • UNHCR not to deny education to the 25000 school age children whose parents refuse to move to the new camp of Ajoung thok, These children have been without education since June 2011.

Neroun phillip ajo

Executive director:Sudan relief and rehabilitation agency (SRRA)