Many of my non-British friends are finding Labour’s internal civil war over anti-Semitism hard to follow.

Here is a very (very!) simple explanation.

Begin by understanding that the far left – some Trotskyists and the ‘Tankies’ (i.e. the Communists who remained in the Communist Party after the tanks rolled into Hungary in 1956) believe that the wrong side won the Cold War.

The USA is the eternal enemy. All else follows. So Putin (and his desire to weaken if not eradicate Nato and EU) is an ally.

And in the Middle East the USA’s “local representative” – Israel – is to be fought at all costs.

Following so far? From this follows the conclusion that anyone who attacks Israel (Hamas, Iran, Syria, etc.) are friends.

Where does this leave you in the UK?

It is vital – if you follow this mad logic – that you attack all those who defend Israel.

And this naturally includes most Jews who are (unsurprisingly) nervous that the Holocaust might one day engulf them again – even in Britain.

So many support Israel (for better or worse) as a nation state. This does NOT mean that they like or support the current Israeli government.  

The state of Israel is an insurance policy for some, but not all, British Jews. So – in the view of the far-left, they are imperialist traitors –  defenders of American Imperialism’s local representatives: Israel.

Hence the obsession with Israel. It has nothing to do with Palestinian rights. After all, where is the Momentum campaign for the rights of Eritreans (who suffer far worse than any Palestinian) or the plight of the South Sudanese?

The Palestinians are just a useful battering ram to attack the Israelis, as an indirect means of attacking the USA. It is – of course – far more complex and nuanced, but that is the basic story.

It does not hurt to recall that Corbyn is no deep thinker: he is a back-bench MP with limited abilities. He is way out of his depth as leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition.