This poll, by YouGov says it all:

How Britons are feeling on Brexit Day

For better or for worse, the day is finally upon us. So – what is the prevailing feeling about Brexit among Britons?

  •  23% say they are feeling mostly worried, while 20% say they are relieved
  • 13% say they are angry, 9% are joyful, 7% are excited and 6% are fearful
  • 66% of Remain voters are feeling either worried (39%) or angry (27%), compared to only 8% of Leave voters (7% worried, 1% angry)

A new beginning? 

  •  51% of Britons also see Brexit has a new beginning. 32%, however, consider it more of an end
  • 81% of Leave voters see Brexit as a new beginning, compared to only 27% of Remain voters

Optimism about the EU

Even as Britain leaves, optimism about the EU is rising

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