The 6km sponsored Walk for Tigray took place on Saturday 25th June, around 1200+ tickets were sold online.

The intention behind the sponsored walk was to work as a fundraising initiative and to allow non-Tigrayans and friends of Tigray to partake in fundraising efforts for Tigray as we marked the 600th day of the ongoing genocide in Tigray.

The walk began with an uplifting speech from Sally Keeble urging the Tigrayan community in the UK to continue campaigning for end to the violence and siege on Tigray and ended in Clapham Common Park where a candlelight vigil was held to commemorate Martyrs Day which is marked on June 22nd.

The vigil honoured those who were martyred in the current war on Tigray and those who paid their lives for the equality of nations, nationalities against the Derg regime.

The event was a huge success, TYN is organising a sponsored children’s walk with the same premise, to take place on Saturday 16th July, we encourage Tigrayans and friends of Tigrayans to invite their children to take part in the walk.

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