Professor Kjetil Tronvoll is one of the best-known Horn of Africa scholars, having worked on the region since the 1990’s.

In a series of Tweets he has provided this analysis of how severe the situation is currently.

The world’s biggest ongoing armed conflict is not Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but Ethiopia and Eritrea’s massive offensives on Tigray. Reliable estimate is that up to 1 million troops are engaged in the war theater.

The ongoing combined Eritrea/Ethiopia offensives against Tigray use WW1 tactics of ordering massive human wave attacks on Tigray defense lines. The carnage is horrendous. Likely as many as 100.000 have been slaughtered over the last weeks.

Ethiopia & Eritrea are continuously shelling & bombing Tigray towns, indiscriminately killing droves of civilians. The perpetuation of warcrimes is standard operating procedure.

Ethiopia is simultaneously using starvation as war strategy, by blocking humanitarian aid to Tigray. Millions of Tigrayans are on verge of famine. Thousands are dying for lack of medical supplies. Children are suffering tremendously.

Ethiopia & Eritrea are colluding with the AU in red-taping Cessation of Hostilities talks, in the belief that they might manage to crush Tigray by arms. Concomitantly, US, EU and bilaterals are hesitating to engage in full, and are repeatedly “taken for a ride” by Abiy Ahmed.

Tigray is fighting for survival, as they have experienced what happened in 2021 when Eritrea and Ethiopia troops went on rampage, killing and raping civilians, looting and pillaging. TDF is also experiencing massive losses, but know the alternative may be worse.

Ethiopia & AU are using the debauched slogan “African solutions to Africa problems” to prevent an active int. engagement to facilitate negotiations. Concomitantly, African brotherhood & solidarity with an African nation & people exposed to a genocidal warfare is

When the history of Ethiopia / Eritrea´s atrocious war on Tigray will be written, the lacklustre role of AU, US, EU & others in engaging to prevent the ongoing humanitarian disaster and crimes against humanity unfolding, will be protuberant.