Peace negotiations (per 28 November)

  • Sources state that the team in charge of monitoring the Cessation of Hostilities (CoH) Agreement will be made up of Kenyan, South African and Nigerian personnel. They will be stationed in Tigray.
  • The speaker of the Amhara Regional Government Council, Fantu Tesfaye, stated during the regular meeting that the CoH Agreement will be fully accepted by the regional council and will be fully implemented.

Situation in Tigray (per 28 November)

  • On the second-year commemoration of the massacre of Axum in which hundreds of citizens were killed, when the city was controlled by Eritrean troops, 19 people were killed today by Eritrean forces.
  • Sources report that hundreds of citizens have been killed in the last two weeks by Eritrean forces in May Abay (Adi Daero) in the North Western zone Tigray.  
  • The Associated Press (AP) says that Eritrean troops and Amhara regional forces have continued looting properties and undertaking mass detentions in the Tigray region three weeks after the CoH Agreement.
  • Two aid workers from the town of Shire told the AP that Eritrean troops and Amhara regional forces have looted businesses, private properties, vehicles, and health clinics in the town.
  • “Several young people have been kidnapped by Eritrean troops in Shire town,” said the aid workers.  One said he saw “more than 300” youths being rounded up by Ethiopian federal troops in Shire.
  • The WFP says all four land humanitarian corridors into Tigray are open. However, aid deliveries are insufficient to meet the needs and aid organisations do not have access to all parts of the region.
  • The WFP reports having reached 29% of their 2.9 million people caseload for food assistance in Tigray.
  • Ethiopia Insight states humanitarian aid and services are generally servicing only the areas under Ethiopian government control.
  • Ethiopian insight states that “given the fragility of Abiy’s power base (…) it appears more likely he sides with Amhara on the territorial dispute” referring to Western Tigray, Welkaita and the al-Fashaga triangle.
  • Ethiopian Electric Power says it is ready to restore services in Tigray: “the team is waiting until the ENDF assumes control over the region and we will then conduct assessment to know the level of damage”.
  • Ethiopian Electric Power states that the Shire substation will be repaired within a week bringing electricity back to the city and its surroundings. The Axum and Adwa power stations are expected to be back online within 3 weeks.
  • An authenticated document, dating from 1984, highlights the links between the people of Welkait and Tigray and the TPLF. The document discusses the Derg’s regime complaints over the local population supporting the TPLF, whilst being Tigrinya speakers.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 28 November)

  • The WFP reports that it is continuing the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Afar and Amhara regions with a fourth round of aid for this year currently underway seeking to reach 675.000 people.
  • Teachers and teaching assistants from all universities in Ethiopia have written a letter to the Ministry of Education and the House of People’s Representatives stating their intention to strike indefinitely from 4 December. They are protesting about insufficient remuneration rates and working conditions.
  • The Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) region Peace and Security Bureau placed the Guraje zone under the rule of an organised command post since 25 November following “illegal and destructive” activities by irregular groups in support of statehood, says Addis Standard.

Regional Situation (per 28 November)

  • Somalia’s army and allied clan militias stated on 27 November that at least 100 Al Shabaab fighters were killed during an operation in the central Middle Shabelle region.
  • An investigation by Global Rights Compliance, a law firm, has found that starvation is being used as a weapon of war in South Sudan by government forces and allied militia, and by opposition forces.
  • The South Sudan United Front/Army, led by Gen. Paul Malong Awan, reiterated its commitment to the peace process in South Sudan in spite of President Salva Kiir pulling out of talks with the group. Kiir accused the group of using the talks to buy time and prepare for war, says the Sudan Tribune.
  • ENDF and South Sudan Defense Force Mayors met on 26 November to discuss bilateral exchanges of Information and collaboration on peace and security.

International Situation (per 28 November)

  • The US Bureau of Africa Affairs welcomed the visit of HE Obasanjo to Ethiopia. It emphasised foreign troops should  leave Ethiopia and the importance of human rights in restoring peace and security.
  • A collective of Ethiopian researchers and human rights activists are calling for a boycott of the Internet Governance Forum in Addis Ababa as a protest of the ongoing human rights violations, particularly the instrumentalisation of telecommunications by the federal government in the war against Tigray.
  • A White House national security spokesperson told Today News Africa that Biden had not invited Prime Minister Abiy but President Sahle-Work Zewde to be present at the US-Africa Leaders’ summit.

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