Peace negotiations (per 23 January)

  • Citing eyewitnesses, Associated Press reported that Eritrean troops started withdrawing in large convoys from some towns in Tigray. Eyewitnesses noted troops leaving from Axum, Shire and Adwa.
  • Some witnesses Agence France-Presse spoke to stated Eritrean troops were still present in substantial numbers in Shire and Adwa. In Shire, Eritrean troops were seen patrolling with ENDF forces on Sunday 22 January.
  • Based on the Cessation of Hostilities (CoH) Agreement, the withdrawal of Eritrean troops was expected simultaneously with the handover of heavy weapons from Tigray combatants to the ENDF.
  • The AU monitoring, verification and compliance team had confirmed a few weeks ago that Tigray combatants handed over the heavy weapons to ENDF.
  • According to Dimtsi Woyane, a regular meeting of the Tigray regional state council is going on today.
  • The council was expected to review the status of the implementation of the CoH Agreement.
  • Some sources also reported that the council is discussing possible reforms in the regional government based on the CoH agreement.
  • In the council meeting, Tigray regional President Dr Debretsion Gebremichael reportedly proposed to reorganise the executive body of his government.
  • Some members of the regional Council said reorganising the executive will expand political and administrative space and enhance the capacity of the government
  • Getachew Reda said yesterday (22 January) that an agreement has been reached to have reform based on the security and survival needs of the people of Tigray.
  • He added that no arrangements have yet been made in relation to the intended reform.

Situation in Tigray (per 23 January)

  • Eritrean and Amhara troops have reportedly raped 211 women, killed 2116, injured 298 and kidnapped 680 people in North Western zone of Tigray since the signing of the CoH Agreement, says Dimtsi Woyane.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 23 January)

  • The Ethiopian federal government continues heavy military training after the CoH Agreement.
  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed observed a joint military parade conducted by the Air Force and Mechanised Infantry at Awash Arba technical school, reports Ethiopian Press Agency.
  • Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopian Prime Minister  and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces reviewed the joint military exercise.
  • High level ENDF commanders including Field Marshall Birhanu Jula and his Deputy Chief of Staff General Abebaw Tadesse attended the event.
  • The Ethiopian Patriarch called yesterday (22 January) for an emergency meeting of the Country’s Bishops from around the world following the announcement of a new patriarchate in the Oromia region, reports Borkena.
  • The Bishops of Oromia region reportedly appointed Abune Sawiros as patriarch of the regional state without the knowledge of the Ethiopian Patriarch, his holiness Abune Mathias.
  • The Ethiopian Patriarch called on the Ethiopian government to follow the security implications of the new development and take necessary action to address the matter, adds Borkena.
  • Oromo Liberation Army reportedly launched an attack in a location 104 km from Addis Ababa, according to
  • OLA allegedly destroyed infrastructure around Luna vegetable and fruits farm in Eastern Shewa zone at Liben Ziquala district. The production activities of flower farms around the area have been disrupted, adds
  • The Central Bank of Ethiopia announced that anyone leaving or entering Ethiopia may not carry more than 3,000 Ethiopian Birr. The measure is reportedly taken to control foreign exchange circulation.

Regional Situation (per 23 January)

  • The World Food Programme published the 2023 drought response plan for the Horn. It warns that 22 million people in the Horn are acutely food insecure and rain forecasts are not promising.
  • Regardless of rain performance this year, WFP estimates it will take years to recover from this drought.

International Situation (per 23 January)

  • US Secretary Antony Blinken said he had a phone call with Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed and discussed the implementation of the CoH agreement.
  • Secretary Blinken said that Eritrean troops are withdrawing from Tigray and he described this as “a critical step in securing hope and peace”.
  • In the phone call, “ongoing instability” in the Oromia region was also discussed.
  • EU Foreign Affairs Ministers are meeting today (23 January) in the Foreign Affairs Council. The situation in Ethiopia will be discussed under ‘current affairs’.
  • Ethiopian finance minister Ahmed Shide and Danish development cooperation and global climate affairs minister Dan Jurgen discussed economic and bilateral issues, reports Fana Broadcasting Corporation.
  • The Danish minister said that his country will support reconstruction of Ethiopia now that peace is being restored in the country.
  • The Danish minister also said the Danish business community will invest in Ethiopia, adds FBC.

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