Brigadier General Abraha Kassa is one of President Isaias’s closest allies. He is the Director of Eritrea’s National Security Office.

He is also on the US Department of Treasury sanctions list. His assets are blocked and Americans are prohibited from dealing with them.

The European Union has maintained sanctions against Abraha Kassa, which it initiated in March 2021, for serious human rights abuses in Eritrea including killings, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, and torture.

Yet, despite his record, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy not only welcomed Abraha to Addis, but took him on a tour of Ethiopia’s key defence base at Bishoftu.

This is not the first time Eritrea’s government has been taken to Bishoftu.

In October 2020 President Isaias visited Bishoftu. Within a month Eritrean forces participated in the invasion of Tigray. Who can forget it?