Situation in Sudan (per 8 May)

  • Pre-negotiations between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) started on Friday 6 May in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, mediated by Saudi-Arabia and the US. Both countries urged the two fighting parties to take the interests of Sudan and its people into consideration.
  • The negotiations discuss the cease-fire, the cessation of hostilities and the opening of humanitarian corridors. It has been emphasised that nothing else will be discussed. A Saudi diplomat has said that the ceasefire talks have not yielded any progress so far.
  • The British Home Office has been emailing Sudanese citizens who had their passport at the British Embassy in Khartoum when hostilities started, that their passport is in Kenya or South Africa, and must be collected there. A digital copy has been offered to allow travel.
  • The office also stated that if the passport is collected, the application for the visa will be cancelled.
  • There have been multiple reports stating that the Wagner forces based in the Central African Republic (CAR) have started supplying weapons and ammunition to the RSF through an airfield in Darfur.
  • Videos of social media shows RSF troops with newly acquired Man-Portable Air Defence Systems, which was likely delivered via Libya, and will be used to take down SAF’s air force, which is their main advantage in this fight.
  • Over a million polio vaccines in South Darfur have been destroyed after a number of cold chain facilities were looted.
  • Only 16% of hospitals in Khartoum are still fully functional.

Situation of Refugees (per 8 May)

  • Over 3,500 (Eritrean) refugees have been forcibly deported from Sudan back to Eritrea in the past weeks. At least 95 of the Eritreans that have been deported were sent to prison. The majority of deportees have been allowed to visit their families.
  • 42,000 refugees have arrived in Egypt, 30,000 in both Chad and South Sudan, 8,900 in Ethiopia, the vast majority of which are neither Ethiopian nor Sudanese, and 6,000 in CAR.
  • After a meeting between the UN Relief Chief and Sudanese humanitarian agencies, it was found that the following needs to be urgently addressed: (1) clear agreements protecting the movements of humanitarian supplies and workers, and (2) generosity of the international community to pay for the needs of the Sudanese people.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 8 May)

  • The Archbishop of Addis Ababa calls for justice and forgiveness, hoping the Global Solidarity Fund project will be able to support returning migrants, refugees and internally displaced people.
  • The UN Committee against Torture (CAT) in Geneva questioned the Ethiopian delegation in Geneva on its report concerning  the war in North Tigray.
  • The CAT said the report of Ethiopia was not consistent with well established facts, including on the involvement of Eritrea in the war.
  • Journalist and activist, Gobeze Sisay, was detained by the Ethiopian Security and Intelligence taskforce, under suspicion of committing offences related to terrorism.
  • Friends of Tigray started a petition calling on international bodies and the Ethiopian government to protect and rebuild/ recover cultural heritage in Tigray.
  • The regional government of Amhara issued a statement pleading with its population for a return to calm and normalcy.
  • The Education Bureau of Tigray has stated that almost 400 schools  in Tigray have to remain closed due to the occupation of Eritrean and Amhara forces in the area.
  • A Prosperity Party member, Omer Lemma, was shot dead. This is the third PP member that was killed in Ethiopia in the past months.

Regional Situation (per 8 May)

  • A South Sudan emergency response plan was published, of which the objectives are (1) to deliver life-saving assistance and protection to refugees, (2) to assist the most vulnerable South Sudanese returnees, (3) to guarantee protection to refugees, and (4) to support third country nationals.
  • The conflict in Sudan has severely impacted South Sudan’s economy, with fuel and food prices up 60% and 30% respectively.
  • President Isayas of Eritrea comments on the situation in Sudan in a broadcast interview.

International Situation (per 8 May)

  • The United Nations Human Rights Council will hold a special session addressing the human rights impact of the fighting in Sudan on Tuesday 11 May in Geneva.
  • On May 9, the European Parliament together with the Council and Commission will discuss the humanitarian and security situation in Sudan.
  • Saudi Arabia will allocate $100 million in humanitarian aid to Sudan.

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