Nevsun operations EritreaBy Eng. Philmon Yohannes

The Bisha mine
There is over 1 billion dollar missing from the revenue of the Bisha gold mine since 2011. Where did all that money go? It is public finance but who is benefiting from it? Who is managing the nations finance anyway and how?

Couple of years ago we were bamboozled by the PFDJ ruling party how life will change in Eritrea with the mining boom and how prosperous Eritrea will become…. In fact the regime was bragging about how Eritrea became one of the fastest growing economies of the world with 11 to 17 % growth showing since 2011.

According to figures published by the Canada-based mining company, Nevsun recorded revenues of $548 million from its Eritrean gold heist operations in 2011 and around $400 million for the year of 2012. The total revenues accruing to the Government of Eritrea are unknown. However, under the terms of Nevsun’s contract, an estimated 14.1 tons of ore were transferred to the Eritrean authorities in 2011 and 2012, potentially representing over $900 million in sales alone. It’s all opaque but let’s takes Nevsun’s figures at face value for the sake examination.

The Government of Eritrea’s share

The Government of Eritrea earned over $900 million in cash from the Bisha gold mining in the last two years alone. It is a lot of money for any country live alone poor little Eritrea, where did it go? Who is responsible for managing of public finances?
Where on earth is the mining revenue question to the GoE? There is almost 1billion dollar missing so far, so where did it go, on which bank is the cash stashed and by whom?
The problem is poverty and hardship has been worsening in Eritrea while the economy was and is seemingly growing by huge double digit percentages. IT IS ABSURED!
All we hear and see now days is lack of everything in Eritrea; lack of food and water, lack of health services and supply of medicine, lack of energy, lack of information and education…Almost every essential and nonessential item is under rationing in Eritrea; with birthing air as the only exception that is not rationed yet, may be even that will be rationed in the future, the way the country is going nothing would surprise me anymore.
There is some evidence that show the GoE is gambling and squandering state resources without any accountability.

Supporting foreign causes

There are many individuals and groups under the Government of Eritrea’s payroll. One of them is off course Dr. Berhanu Nega the chairman of the Ethiopian opposition group Ginbot 7 who recently admitted on recorded to have over $500,000 budget allocated to his organisation by the so called government of Eritrea. The UN monitoring group on Eritrea and Somalia has also documented many groups and individual directly or indirectly supported by Eritrea. Please check references 1, 2 and 3.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Not everybody is under ration or in poverty in Eritrea, the majority are but few blood sucking parasitic individuals or cliques are living life of riches and extravaganza, you may not see it with your own eyes for now but trust me they are living it for sure. While our children, brother and sisters work slavishly with no pay and zero human right, those parasites are living on the blood of our people. Inherently corrupt system cannot fight corruption it is impossible.

Corrupt systems fighting corruption is like criminals enforcing laws that will put them in jail, it’s unheard of.
Our people are considered resource that can be exploited at any given time for any purpose. They work for free; they have no rights what so ever, they are treated like slaves because they are slaves according to the head slave master and parasite Isaias Afewerki.

How low can Eritrea stoop? Well the corrupt rulers just showed us how low they are prepared to stoop, very, very low indeed. Just look at the “smuggling and trafficking business” orchestrated by the GoE, the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. They are in the “business” with all their limbs in unprecedented scale.
Dear fellow Eritreans

To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism. It is duty of the youth to challenge corruption, to fight corruption and eradicate corruption.
There is no legal government in Eritrea but illegal mafia organisation sucking the blood out of our nation. Just because they claim to be authority and dressed like authority does not make authority. Simply because they have no legal bases to be authority, they are simply bunch of parasitic criminals dressed in smart closing.


Eng. Philmon Yohannes