The May government has just lost a critical case before the High Court over its Brexit plans.

The High Court ruled that Parliament must have a vote before Article 50 is triggered, but – as Zina Rohan explains – this is only the latest difficulty Mrs May has had with the legal system.


mayTheresa May is having a tough time with our nation’s courts.

In 2014 she lost a judicial review, brought by the widow of Alexander Litvinenko, when the then Home Secretary had ruled out an Inquiry into Litvinenko’s death.

In 2015 she lost a deportation case the Home Office had brought against an Iranian immigrant who had been a child when he arrived in the UK.

Last month the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that overseas our security services ruled that the bulk collection of personal data by GCHQ and MI5 between 1998-2015 was illegal.

On 2nd of this month Environmental law firm ClientEarth won its High Court case against the UK Government over the failure of ministers to tackle illegal air quality levels across the country.

And today, November 3rd, the High Court ruled that Article 50 cannot be triggered without a parliamentary vote. The Government has said it will appeal, so watch out for the Supreme Court ruling on this next month