The source of this is an economist who shared them in Tweets

For me the most interesting finding was that Africans from Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria and Egypt all earn more than the average American!

This is a thread on Black African Immigration to the United States. Quite some things don’t play out as you’d expect in terms of the overall data, some are extremely surprising. Let’s start with total numbers, as of 2018 there are 2 Mill+ Black African immigrants in the US.

81 % of all Black African immigrants come from West or East Africa, I’m stunned by the Kenyan numbers, more Kenyans than Somalis? where are the Kenyan immigrants hiding? This data doesn’t capture undocumented migration + children born so bear that in mind.

In terms of where Black Africans live, NYC still stands as the most populated region, but it pales in terms of percentage representation to DC/Minneapolis.

In terms of when Africans arrived to the States, the trend is very recent, 70 % only arriving post 2000, this is in contrast to most other immigrant groups believe it or not.

In terms of how Africans even come to the US, the vast majority come in through Immediate Family reunification + Refugee streams + Diversity Lottery process. I wouldn’t be surprised if the DV lottery process played a huge role in downstream family reunification apps.

Now time to dive into certain income/employment related statistics – In 2017, 40 % of Africans held a bachelor’s degree +, compared to 31% of the total foreign-born population and 32 % of the U.S.-born population.

Africans also work at a higher rate. About 75 % of Africans immigrants were in the civilian labor force, compared to 66 % of foreign-born and 62 % of born Americans. – About 19 % of Africans lived in poverty, compared to 15 % of immigrants and 13 percent of the U.S. born.

Now looking at average household income of some of the largest African nationality groups in the country

Average American household – $63,179

Average Black American – $43,862

South African American – $98,212

Ghanaian American – $69,021

Nigerian American – 68,658

Tanzanian American – $67,327

Egyptian American – 67,187

Kenyan American – $61,000

Ethiopian American – $36,000

Somali American – $29,200