Situation in Tigray (per 07 December)

  • The Mekelle City Electric Corporation announced to FBC that the city’s power grid has been reconnected to the National Center for Energy Control.
  • They also announced that the repairs on the link between Humera and Shire had been completed. Repairs continue on the link between Tekeze and Axum.
  • There are mixed messages from Mekelle whether power is working. There are some reports that there is some phone connectivity, with less quality at this point than before the war.
  • UNOCHA states that the humanitarian situation in Tigray is gradually improving. Partners have distributed 19.987 Metric Tons (MT) of food and 3.020 MT of non-food supplies (of which 466 MT of medical supplies) in Tigray between 15 and 30 November. The Ethiopian government has distributed 13,686 MT in total up to the end of November.
  • The report added that humanitarian flights have started in Mekelle and Shire and medical supplies are being transported via those airports. About 7MT of supplies have been airlifted thus far.
  • Tghat Media reports that sources state Amhara forces are attempting to recruit in Western Tigray. Eritrean spies are also alleged to collaborate with Amhara authorities.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 07 December)

  • According to Curate Oromia, attacks on Oromo civilians and officials in the Kiramu district by Fano militias that began 25 November have resulted in the death of dozens and the displacement of all residents of the 19 villages of the district to neighbouring Gidda Ayana district.
  • According to an investigation by the Washington Post (WP), it is not clear where the decision to kill 83 Tigrayan prisoners by guards in Mirab Abaya  prison camp in November 2021 originated from.
  • According to Katharine Houreld, the WP East Africa chief, the Mirab Abaya camp commander tried to stop the killings, but failed. WP has been unable to verify whether the Ethiopian government prosecuted the soldiers responsible for the killings.
  • Houreld added that the Ethiopian government declined to comment.
  • UNOCHA states that hostilities in the Wollegas in Oromia will continue to uproot citizens.
  • Due to inadequate funding most aid clusters in Ethiopia only reached 50% of their target population.
  • UNOCHA warns that it is proving very challenging to accommodate returning displaced populations in northern Ethiopia, given limited available infrastructure.
  • According to a joint assessment concluded in early November, 910,826 returnees and affected population in Alamata, Bala, Kobo, Korem, Raya Bala, Raya Kobo and Ofla are in need of assistance.
  • UNOCHA noted rates of malnourished children in Afar and Oromia are expected to increase in 2023.
  • Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice called on the federal government to arm citizens  amidst increasing violence in the Wollega zone of Oromia, especially in areas government forces do not easily reach.
  • Getachew Reda, spokesperson for the Tigray regional authorities, stated that “What’s happening in many parts of the country – including Western Oromia – is a repeat of what has been happening in Tigray”. Embracing the constitution is needed and a culture of political dialogue should be fostered.
  • Addis Standard reports that multiple protestors are detained in the Kebridhar, Somali region, including religious leader Sheikh Cade Abdiwali and Activist Mohammed Habene. They were protesting against  corruption and land grabbing allegedly perpetrated by the city’s ruling party.

Regional Situation (per 07 December)

  • Sudan’s resistance committees have criticised the transitional framework agreement signed on 05 December stating that it restores the partnership between political and security elites, reports Al Jazeera.
  • Dania Atabani, the spokesperson for a resistance committee in Khartoum, stated that the protests would continue. Young people have little faith in the deal stopping violence by security forces.
  • The Somali government fears that declaring a famine could result in disruption of development policies, says The Guardian.
  • While an official famine declaration carries no binding obligations it serves to attract attention. The crisis response for Somalia is only 50% funded, says The Guardian.
  • Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud stated that he wishes to resume talks with breakaway region Somaliland as a part of achieving a united Somalia, says Garowe Online.
  • South Sudan’s ruling party, Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, has announced the candidacy of current president Salva Kiir for the 2024 presidential election.

International Situation (per 07 December)

  • Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin, published a decree on 06 December stating the Ministry of Industry and Trade set up a trade mission In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • The 8th Russian-Ethiopian ministerial meeting took place today 07 December in Addis Ababa, says ENA.
  • The German Foreign Office Director General for Crisis Prevention, Deike Potzel, announced that Germany would continue supporting the relief to Ethiopian drought and war affected communities. The country has pledged 82.3 million EUR, making it the second largest donor.

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