The meeting between President Isaias and Russia’s Sergei Lavrov took place earlier this week. But where? Did they meet in Asmara? Perhaps. Their photo looks like it.

But there’s another possibility.

Embatkalla ( along the Massawa/Asmara Rd ) is the HQ of the Eritrean navy. Therefore it is possible that there was a meeting at the base.

It might have been easier to organise from Massawa than Asmara.

Landing in Massawa is not out of the ordinary.

Qatar used to land in Massawa when they thought about building a hotel/casino complex etc on the Dahalack islands.

Other commercial flights do not land at the Massawa airport because it does not conform to International standards. But Eritrean war planes use the facility.

Also, prior to satellite technology Eritrea was used by the USA as a radar and radio listening post. Hence, the establishment of the USA bases at Kagnew and Radio Marina (literally Marine Radio)