Situation in Sudan (per 11 May)

  • The first priority of the peace negotiations between Sudan warring parties in Jeddah is to secure a lasting ceasefire abided by all parties in order to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches citizens in need, stated the US Under-Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland. 
  • The US negotiators are “cautiously optimistic” about reaching the agreement on humanitarian principles, Nuland confirmed.
  • The next stage would be focusing on a durable cessation of hostilities agreement, Nuland said.
  • Sanctions on Burhan and Hemedti if Sudan peace talks falter have been hinted at by the US. The US says it is ready to sanction top Sudanese officials if the Jeddah talks do not end the violence.
  • Over 80.100 of internally displaced persons in Sudan are women and girls between 15 and 49, out of which 8.000 persons are currently pregnant, stated the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in its update report.
  • Humanitarian and relief aid has been arriving to Port Sudan from several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the EU. The World Food Program (WFP) resumed food delivery in conflict areas.
  • More than 2.5 million people are expected to face acute hunger in the coming period due to the lack of resources and unsafe humanitarian corridors in crisis areas, estimates the WFP.
  • Airstrikes and gunfire were reported in Khartoum on Wednesday evening.
  • Logistics in Sudan have been severely disrupted, confirmed by the Logistics Cluster of the UN OCHA.
  • The Sudanese airspace is fully closed for civilian operations; points of entry into the country have limited operational capacities, road infrastructures are damaged, road  transport  activities have also been disrupted and limited.

Situation of Refugees (per 11 May)

  • Over 100,000 Ethiopians are expected to return back to their country through the Metema border crossing  in the next months due to the Sudan conflict, said the International Organisation for Migration.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 11 May)

  • The National Bank of Ethiopia has granted a licence to Safaricom to roll out their mobile money services in the Ethiopian market.
  • The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced a process of considering a process for future elections in Tigray and other regions within Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz, and Amhara regional states where NEBE says the 6th national election did not take place.
  • Disappearance of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) members from custody constitutes a grave breach of international conventions, said OLF in a statement. Seven senior OLF officials  went missing in April.

Regional Situation (per 11 May)

  • The Eritrean military has reportedly been carrying out new military exercises across Eritrea.
  • Skirmishes involving the Eritrean military have been reported along the Ethiopia-Eritrea border. Eritrean forces have not withdrawn entirely from Tigray, particularly not from Welkait.
  • Eritrean authorities continue razzias and other recruitment of youth into the national service.
  • The involvement of the Eritrean government in politics of East Sudan as well as presence of Eritrean military forces in Kassala has been confirmed by observers. Kassala has an airport capable of receiving International flights.
  • Conflict in Sudan has direct implications on Eritrea as it imports a lot of goods including fuel and gas from Sudan.
  • The northern border between Sudan and Eritrea should be watched carefully as the presence of the Wagner group has been reportedly confirmed, with possibility to import weapons through Massawa port, said experts.
  • The South Sudanese president, Salva Kiir, has been engaging in diplomatic talks with neighbouring countries, IGAD officials as well as both warring generals in support of a ceasefire in Sudan.
  • President Kiir restated his openness to host the mediation process in Juba with a presence of envoys as the current situation would not allow for the generals to leave Khartoum, In a dialogue with the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General.

International Situation (per 11 May)

  • The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) adopted a draft resolution on Sudan during a special session. The request for the ad-hoc session on Sudan was supported by 19 member states to the HRC and 33 observer states.
  • Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, called on all parties to protect civilians, comply with international humanitarian and human rights law and build a transitional process on the principles of accountability and non-discrimination.
  • All ambassadors and NGO speakers denounced the ongoing fighting, attacks and threats on civilians, hospitals and humanitarian staff, and breaches of brokered ceasefires. They called for an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian access and protection of civilians.
  • Many of the speakers called on the HRC to establish an independent commission of inquiry on Sudan.
  • The representative of Sudan expressed disagreement with holding an ad-hoc HRC special session when the debate on Sudan had been previously scheduled for June and none of the Arab nor African countries supported the special session to take place.
  • Several African and Arab states shared the concerns of the Sudanese ambassador and questioned the usefulness of the special session amid the ongoing negotiations in Jeddah calling for ‘African solution to African problems’ and respecting the IGAD and AU diplomatic leadership in peace negotiation efforts.
  • Rwandan President Paul Kagame met with a Djibouti delegation led by Foreign Minister, Mahmoudi Ali Youssouf, to discuss the security situation in the Horn of Africa.
  • UN experts issued a statement calling for an immediate and lasting ceasefire in Sudan and urged for an independent investigation of crimes committed across the country.

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