Situation in Sudan (per 26 May)

  • The Transitional Council of Ministers of Sudan reportedly terminated the employment of all civil servants who were previously assigned and deployed by RSF. The decision is including all workers in the federal and state governmental offices.
  • Water scarcity is a critical problem for inhabitants of Khartoum, as most water distribution points have been destroyed or taken over by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Informal networks of neighbourhood groups have been formed to distribute water and food.
  • Thousands of people have fled from conflict areas to Abyei or the Nuba mountains, which is controlled by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North faction. Many are also in Port Sudan waiting for evacuation.
  • Both sides have blamed the other for violating the latest ceasefire. The ceasefire monitoring mechanism detected possible breaches of the agreement, such as use of artillery, military aircraft and drones.
  • Clashes were particularly fierce on Wednesday, but both warring  sides are now adhering better to the ceasefire, said the US and Saudi facilitators today.
  • There have been reports that the SAF is confiscating medical supplies that are transported through its territory.
  • An 85-year old British hotel-owner in Khartoum was shot dead by snipers after leaving the house to search for food. His wife, still inside, died of starvation. They were unable to reach the airfield 40km outside of Khartoum where evacuations of British nationals were taking place.
  • Khartoum has by far the highest number of recorded civilian casualties, with thousands of injured. Geneina has the highest number of civilian deaths in the country.
  • There were 330 deaths and 2,300 injuries recorded in the country during days that were (partial) ceasefires.

Refugee Situation (per 26 May)

  • Thousands of refugees fleeing from Sudan to South Sudan, 90% of which are returnees, have been exposed to long waiting times for transport from Renk town  to other refugee camps in South Sudan.
  • Some refugees have been waiting for a month, with no food and no place to stay.
  • A fight broke out at the transit centre in Renk in the past week, in which one man died and more got injured. Following this, thousands left the site and are sleeping in the streets.

Situation in Tigray (per 26 May)

  • Handover of weapons by Tigray Defense Forces, including anti-tanks and mortars, took place at Lachi near Mekelle today.
  • The handover was monitored by the AU’s Joint Committee team of the Monitoring, Verification and Compliance Mechanism (MVCM), which confirmed that the process was carried out smoothly.
  • MVCM have previously expressed the need to accelerate demobilisation and increase the safety and protection of civilians, to facilitate the return of IDPs to affected areas.
  • The disarmament is slowed down by the presence of Eritrean and Amhara troops in Tigray.
  • Eritrean Forces prevented aid workers from carrying out a mission led by UNOCHA from entering a village close to Sheraro.
  • Italy will fund 2 million euros for the preservation and enhancement of the Axum archaeological site. This was announced during the visit of the Italian ambassador in Tigray.
  • UK Ambassador Darren Welch arrived in Tigray for an official visit, meeting with the Interim Regional Administration and visiting Adi-Haki school which currently hosts IDPs.

Situation in Ethiopia (per 26 May)

  • Violence in the Gambella region led to 9 people killed and 17 injured.
  • The fighting started by a disagreement between individuals, which led to communal violence.
  • The Ethiopian Media Authority (EMA) gave a final warning to Prime Television for broadcasting content inciting discord among citizens, which could provoke conflicts.

Regional Situation (per 26 May)

  • Al-Shabab attacked an African Union military base 120 km from Mogadishu.
  • During the celebrations of Eritrean independence, Eritrea’s president, Isaias Afwerki, accused the United States of declaring war on his country.
  • He added that according to a document outlining US strategy, the US wants to prevent Chinese investment in Eritrea and isolate it through economic sanctions.

International Situation (per 26 May)

  • The US accused Wagner group of supplying missiles to the RSF, stating that this has contributed to the prolongation of conflict and regional instability.
  • The Ukrainian Foreign Minister expressed his agitation about the neutrality of African countries in the face of Russian aggression, urging them to lend diplomatic support instead.
  • The UAE announced a fund to support world heritage and conservation at several sites across Africa, including in Ethiopia and Sudan.
  • The EU released a budget of €20.5 million in support of the Somali government under the envelope of the state debt relieving cooperation project.

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