A very useful update, with indications of what is happening away from Juba.


Juba, South Sudan, Tuesday 17th December 2013, 15:00 local time.

This blog post will be of interest to those in Juba/South Sudan or those monitoring the situation closely. As a situation report, it will be out of date within hours. Please note it’s a sitrep, not an analysis of root causes of the instability. It’s written on the 2nd day of a lockdown.

The origins of the fighting are still a matter of debate. There is a growing consensus there was no attempted coup (see this accurate analysis piece from the Economist). Security sources with access are still unclear on the origins of the violence: whether there was a rumour of an arrest or whether there was an actual attempt to arrest the ex VP. In any case, violence and instability spread quickly. The very strong response by the government security forces in turn caused more groups to seize arms…

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