The ANC is fighting hard to win South Africa’s election. Fair enough. What is not acceptable is the party’s penchant for “appropriating” state resources for party political purposes.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at these

ANC 1Here is an advert paid for by the ANC.

Now you might quibble that the money came via the ANC’s front-company, Chancellor House, which has received lavish state contracts, but let’s not split hairs.

It was paid for by the ANC out of its own resources.

Now look at this

It is an advert paid for by the citizens of Gauteng. ANC 2

Look familiar? The green black and gold – just like the ANC ad. And not cheap. Look at the size of that giant billboard – with the woman walking past.

And what are Gauteng’s official colours? Silver and blue. Nowhere to be seen.

It’s not the only example, by any means

ANC 3Here’s another you would see as your car zips by.

Do you really think the motorist would notice that small Gauteng logo in the bottom right corner?

Perhaps not. But those colours – clearly ANC. And with a clear message: the party is helping you.

All paid for by the citizens of Gauteng. Not the party.

And it doesn’t stop there.

ANC 4This is perhaps the most egregious of all

Durban Mayor, James Nxumalo, handing out welfare to a deserving recipient. The aid being paid for – in part – by public funds.

But what’s that the Mayor’s wearing? An ANC waistcoat and posing for the cameras in it in this publicity shot.

Great! More of your money being used to pay for an ANC advert. These examples go on and on…just another way public resources are being used to fund the party.