With so many crises to address – from Syria to the Central African Republic, and with Ebola now central to international concerns – the situation in Gambella has received little attention.

Yet the vast influx of refugees from South Sudan to escape the civil war that has erupted between forces loyal to Salva Kiir and Riak Marchar has placed an enormous burden on this isolated area of Ethiopia. This conflict erupted in December 2013 and by the end of August this year the UNHCR estimated that188,000 refugees have crossed the border into Ethiopia.

The United Nation’s satellite system (UNISAT) has just provided this image of the area concerned.Gambella

The UN says that Leitchuor and Nip Nip camps affected by severe floods can no longer host refugees.
The refugees are currently sheltered on dry grounds in the area or mixed with the host community.
The refugee operations needs an estimated US $67 to get through until January 2015 At present there is a US $40 million shortfall.
Unless additional contributions are received soon, there will be shortfalls for most commodities beginning in November 2014.