Amy Winehouse 2On 14 July 2011 Amy Winehouse told father: “I feel I can do anything I want in Camden, It’s like my playground.” Nine days later she was dead.

It is a tragic truth that Camden was both Amy’s playground and the place that would finally do her in. She had so much to offer and Camden had much to offer her, but some of it was toxic.

I am doing work on her time in Camden and this is a preliminary list of places associated with her and her life.

All comments and further suggestions most welcome.

Amy’s Camden

  • 25 Prowse Place – her flat
  • 30 Camden Square – her house and final home
  • Hawley Arms – her favourite pub
  • Dublin Castle – one of her first venues and a pub she continued to drink in
  • Good Mixer – another of her pubs
  • Fitness First – her gym in Chalk Farm
  • Oxfam Kentish Town – where she bought records
  • Camden Palace now known as Koko – regular Friday night haunt with others in the rock industry
  • University College Hospital- where she was taken on 7 August 2007 to have her stomach pumped