They are too deformed to be reformed

Dr. John Garang De-Mabior 2000 WDC




I have selected this uneven year 2015 to present this stock taking because of its importance, A year of political expectations, I call it electioneering year in the region, a phenomenon that shifts the world focus on the would be out come and results of these elections and their influence to the regional and international politics, we are not excluded as our interests can not be divorced from the global political chemistry.

It a year by functional calculus the Sudanese shall celebrate the fall of the NCP regime before rebranding itself in June 2015 elections it will not reach that far.

The entire SPLM/A –N leadership uses this occasion of the new year to salute our fallen Heroes and Heroines in particular our Chairman Dr. John Garang De-Mabiour and every member of the movement wherever you are in the trenches, top of the mountains, in the liberated areas with your Kalashnikov slagging on your side, in camouflage and the ALL Sudanese inside the country who are daily facing tools of repression or those Sudanese who choose to flee the country under economic and repression or those who obliged to settle somewhere in the world, I wish you good prospers new year 2015, a year of achieving victory over the force of repression and its allies .


Fellow countrymen


NCP regime has survived 25 years as of now, a regime was deformed from the first day as it came out of a womb of a movement that by nature un-democratic under a global phenomena which was marked by the peak of the bitter struggle between imperialism and the forces of democratic transformation categorized then by the western bloc characterized by the demise of many democracies in Africa and the dramatic global change of those forces arranged into mediocrity middle expensive position

Internally the situation was very much ripe for a revolution due to the long wars in the country, socio-political anarchy, a situation that forces of democracy and change failed to recognize and utilize,

It was because of this regional, global and internal factors and weakness the NCP system came to being 30th.June 1989. With profound agenda and objective of Arabization and islamization of this ethnically, religiously, culturally and linguistically diverse county Sudan, as Then Brig. Omer El-Bashir put it (Addis –Ababa 1989 meeting with Dr. Mansur Khalid) Tell John Garang; Sharia is a red line not negotiable, we are here to stay there is no way for the SPLM and others to gain political rights through violence the change can come only through us) end of the quote.

This has been enforced recently with quotations from the leaked document page (8) by Lt.Gen. Mustafa Ebeid, I Quote;( We are main players in regional and internal politics, so nobody apart from US meaning the Islamic movement shall rule Sudan) end of the quote.

In Gaderif 2011 again I quote Bashir “ South has gone, Sudan is predominantly an Arab Islamic country no talk or call for diversity “ end quote




This background is important for clarity in the mind of the freedom fighters and comrades elsewhere, the clarity is “ Sudan’s problem is deeply entrenched in double apartheid Religious and Ethnicity and like apartheid elsewhere it has to be removed unearthed in totality, it is inhuman, it is evil, attempts to make reforms within this system will never provide solution.

Bashir (NCP) call for dialogue is a temporary phenomenon, it dose not include which ways this evil system could be eliminated, it calls for the reforms of the status quo and legitimization of the regime for 2015 elections and span its life for another five years, a policy of BIG TENT. It has only one but one meaning; this system can never voluntarily concede change or reform. So our objective since then was correct for regime change and seizure of power.


SPLA Servicemen and women


We are certain this is going to happen sooner, determinant to a number of factors, Externally there is a degree of changes politically which is not benign to Khartoum, internally there are differences, within the NCP, deteriorating economic situation and most important our determination to bring about this change.


SPLA Servicemen and women


In the process we must be focus on the regime counterattack against us and the forces of change, the regime usually resorts to numerous methods as it is visible internally by imprisoning members of the opposition, media censorship, human-rights abuses including extra-judicial executions, rape as a weapon, indiscriminate bombardments, denial of humanitarian access to the needed persons, default media campaigns to discredit and denigrate the liberation movements and their leadership as psychological warfare through radio , press and diplomatic engagements ,informers and spies bribed lavishly to enable them to wreck the struggle for our freedom. The system as well embarked on fomenting divisions, conflicts and desertions in the rank of the movements, the recent group called SPLM for peace is a testimony, these are persons who has ever been members of the movement, the latest who have seen South Kordofan was five years ago, they are neither a cadre nor members of the movement used only for propaganda, they will soon be dignified by the title of (Ashaab El-maslaha)

The system since the inception of the SPLM/A and the SPLM/A –N used this method intensively, it utilizes the discontent that emerges within our ranks due to the profound policy of defending our movement, some of these groups emerged under different names (SPLM for Democracy, SPLM for development and peace, Ismail group ect. ) all these groups resorted to an old tried methods of counter revolutionary in effort to change our strategy and vision and orientation , undermine our unity ,





Servicemen and women


As SPLM tradition and for the interest of our unity, the leadership worked hard to integrate our splinter group within the structures of the movement as many had made important contributions in the first war that could not be glossed over or ignored, Daniel Kodi Angelo, Ismail Khamis Jalab, few to mention, as part of these process we held several meetings to discuss these differences at the end our efforts came to nothing as they continued their activities, then the leadership was left with one options appropriate legal and political measures to safeguard the gains of the movements and deter chaos .


Simultaneously the regime concentrated in ushering religion as a mobilizing method exploiting the sentiments of the Sudanese jealousy towards Islam, we objected to that, because the type of political Islam Al-Bashir wants the Sudanese exclusive to embrace is a reflection of the power structure that he want us to accept. When we sized him up and decided that we do not trust his leadership in day-to-day affairs and that his political objectives were not ours. This method and others mentioned earlier has become not appealing to many Sudanese who as well oppose that power structure, by defacto the Sudanese government is by all measures a religious Enterprise.




As we have enumerated points of competences within the system let us examine the potential weakness. This force of domination and its allies are an spend force, politically is bankrupt facing internal cancer called division and bitter power struggle   an unseen force that is eating it silently, economically is deteriorating by the hour despite the efforts of their allies to mitigate un-mitigable situation, their austerity measures are counter-productive, so their ability that they depended on buy internal and external allies is very much dwindling as well as their ability to continue paying the Janjaweed and counter insurgencies as they use to do . Military is in baffled unable to wage war due to negligence and humiliation of integrity and professionalism. So Comrades the KING IS NAKED.


Compatriots, SPLA Servicemen and women

Fellow countrymen


It is as well important to examine in depth our weakness and strength especially in these three years of political and military engagement with SAF forces, the challenges, and the achievements.

Three month prior to the referendum of South Sudan, SPLM out of necessity got divide into SPLM and SPLM-N, the seven members of the Political Bureau constituted the new leadership, the first task was to reorganize the SPLM-N to suit the new political dispensation, realities and the new challenges, The first leadership meeting was then held in which it adopted the vision of the New Sudan as valid as it was all along , for the purpose of the organization three committees were formed (1) The committee for the manifesto (2) committee for the structural reorganization (3) Committee for capacity building ,

These committees started to discharge their responsibilities to be disrupted by the resumption of the war in South Kordofan June 2011 that ushered the SPLM/A-N into new era, as a result the leadership got divided, some imprisoned, tortured, harassed and sentenced to capital punishment and long terms imprisonment. Three SPLM-N components serviced, (A) SPLM-N in the government controlled areas and towns, most of its members and cadres got locked in and some sentenced to capital punishments under repressive existing laws, those who managed to evade arrest went clandestine operating under hash security conditions and under adhoc command structure of small cells, they continued the struggle up to date under those conditions. (B) SPLM-N in the liberated areas this group works under different security conditions and environment, their concept of the revolution and struggle is not the same as those who are in the government controlled areas, they bear the blunt of the military operations, exposed to the hardships encountered by their own communities, government abuses to their kens and relatives share the same trenches with their beloved ones and physically engaged in battles. They overtly subscribe to the structures of the movement

(C) SPLM-N in the diaspora, this constituency composed of exiles who fled the county over length of time for multiple reasons be economic, security, seeking educational opportunities, these group have not lost the connections to their country and people and continuously high-light the sufferings of their kens home, among them are the (a) SPLM supports who believe in the vision, strategies of the movement these are fully organized members of the movement (b) SPLM sympathizers who believe in the values of the movement and willing to promote them on opportune as they are not full time members (c) Exiles who came from the two areas and are not members of the movement officially but self proclaimed on the bases of their geographical affiliation , this is a counter productive group and a de-service to the movement yet it is a constituency to be harmonized as their path is parallel to that of the movement and mostly detached . This detachment is a confusing factor to some of our members who ignorantly dance to the tune of their drums, their efforts mostly leads to diluting and undermining the objectives of the movement.



Fellow countrymen


With is heritage, the leadership initial task was to bring about harmony and purposeful coherency among the SPLMs and the diverse constituencies, as alluded earlier the leadership got scattered and divided, three of the members of the political Bureau were the only in the liberated areas, they embarked on reorganization of the leadership itself through several engagement at the 10th. Meeting in Jan.2012 the existing leadership council got formed .in its first meeting in South Kordofan revisited the vision of the movement and adopted

The vision of new Sudan with Democratic transformation to achieve Sudan based on citizenship, rule of law, in which opportunities are not considered on the bases of race, color, religion and geographical orientation, a country that stands for social justices and accountability,

This vision have encountered several challenges in particular after the cession of South Sudan, the vision the detractors alleged to be synonymy to disintegration of the country without questioning their own colossal contributions to this cession, their system is the one that obstructed the correct implementation of the CPA which was meant for the Democratic transformation of the country and bring about a lasting peace to the Sudanese, on the contrary they used the CPA for dismantling the SPLM and the country all together , they harvested what they have sewed .What has been viewed negatively in South Sudan is natural dislocation in a painful growing, it will come to an end and without illusion the Democratic New South Sudan will emerge as well as the Democratic New Sudan.

The leadership reviewed the movement constitution to harmonize the political structures that resulted in the existing national, regional political, Executive and Legal. Commissions and relevant institutions were as well established. As of now the system has been put to a function .it could not be satisfactory but under these circumstances its appropriate and flexible prone to development as time goes on. Some of these institutions meant to harmonize the various constituencies mentioned earlier as it’s a cardinal nature of our policy to work for the unity of the movement to engage in the common struggle. I congratulate all the comrades who contributed tirelessly to this success.


SPLA servicemen and women


Militarily; the leadership adopted the necessary military structure that is suitable to respond to the Government military capability, the structure which is now existing and functional, we all recall in June 2011 Bashir ordered his Minister of Defense to clear the rebellion in Nuba Mountains within a month and later when in Sept. 2011 in Blue Nile the order was similar. I believe you as most of you participated in these battles Bashir’s efforts were sufficiently

Frustrated, he came up with the idea of the RDF after the system mistrusted it’s own army and resorted to Mercenaries from neighboring countries and local militia, these efforts were as well frustrated. Now he launched the second decisive dry-season offensive, we believe it will be frustrated and Bashir must be disappointed. Indeed he will be disappointed as your leadership is in dialogue with some elements in the army who do not believe in war strategy and elements of former friendly forces to Bashir who realized are being used to protect a rotten system that has no respect to humanity but would want to rule applying whatever method clean or dirty. We signed some MOUs with those forces, as gesture of good will two days ago the leadership agreed to release 20 prisoners of war to (POWs) Sihoon and continue the dialogue with them. The leadership message to the SPLA combatants is, VICTORY is at the corner, what is requires (a) Unity in rank and file (b) we must look inside –out aware that friends will not provide us with adequate resources to wage the struggle, we use economically what we have to get what we do not have as Bashir has been our quota master general. He could not afford not to continue sharing with us the military hardware.

The leadership congratulates the COGS and his lieutenants for the heroic achievements; these contributions were very expensive as we lost thousands fallen heroes and heroines, few to mention Brig.Gen. Gibril Tutu Magarous, Ismail Kafi Durman, Jafar Jumna, Gibril Andail. Col. Awad Tajir, Col. Hindi Ahamed Khalifa, Col. Abuud Kujjba, Lt.Col. Butrus Yagoub, Samaan Abu-Kalam their great sacrifices shall never be forgotten, the reward shall be the liberation of our people and achieving the objectives of the transformed democratic Sudan where their people will enjoy equal citizenship.



Fellow countrymen

Comrades in the diaspora


Externally aware that the world is no longer two camps, interests and interactions are becoming rather amorphous and delicate, the leadership worked hard to mobilize the region, mind like states and countries whom we share the same values and principles, peace loving people, our message was very clear and sharp, for those who champion democracy, fundamentals of human rights, these values and principles are denied in Sudan. Sudan is not only a problem to its own citizens, Sudan system is a danger to Africa and the world, who will convince us that 75% budget goes to security and army is only for suppression of SPLM/A in the two areas and the Darfur movements? NO. Sudan has embarked on a-capacity to destabilize the region testimony to that, Is El-Shaba in Somalia, Muslim brothers in Egypt, Hamas, Boko Haram, Mali, Silika in CAR, disturbance in cost of Mombasa, and clandestinely working hard within the growing signs of unrest in some of the neighbors, Libya and Lastly South Sudan conflict. The same Sudan that hosted Bin-Laden and Carlos the Jackal, the same Sudan that masterminded the shooting of Ex-President Hussni Mubarak of Egypt in Ethiopia. We will not lack credible admissible evidence to indict Khartoum. That was our message and it is our message today.

We shall continue our contacts with improvement and keep the voice of the struggling people reaching out. We thank those who’s role and contribution is unforgettable. In this it’s important as well to depend on internal front. In the process the movement managed to establish (19) political offices in the Africa and the world at large, they are managed by capable comrades who have done a great job and contributions of making our voice to be heard, I congratulate them on behalf of the entire leadership.



Fellow countrymen

Comrades in the Diaspora

On the peaceful settlement of the Sudanese problem through negotiations, it is one of our methods of struggle; it functions symbiotically with the other methods adopted by the movement. War was not an option but it came out of profound necessity of self-defense on the contrary peace is conviction as our people in the areas of Darfur, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile bear the cruel blunt of the war , they are internally displaced without basic needs as Khartoum before the eyes of the regional and international community denied access to assist them , instate sends his RDF to kill ,rape and indiscriminately bombards them , all amount to crime against humanity and human-rights , Mass rape in Tabit is a witness , Bashir even went further at bright day light to ask UNAMID to depart the country , two days ago spelled tow UN officials , a behavior we expect the international body to react to , The respond was condemnation !!! The truth is this is disappointing for the victims and their relatives. The second category took Refuge in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. Sadly two generations lost to illiteracy.

On this background peace is para-mount, but what sort of peace, a comprehensive  peace that will respect inclusivity, peace that will be implementable, sustainable and lasting, peace that will restore the lost rights and roots the causes of the conflict NOT ACORD AND SATISFACTION. Then HOW DO WE do that ??? our position and the position of our allies in the SRF is simple and clear , (a) Peace has to respect participatory and inclusivity and avoid well tried piece meal-solutions which have reached forty three in total and could not bring peace . (b) it has to commence with session of hostilities in the two areas and Darfur followed with humanitarian access to the needy population in those areas . (C) Address the route causes of the conflict by tackling the political, executive and legislative matters of concern. (D) Security arrangement to finally end the war .

It worth mentioning the controversy that Khartoum has tried to rise when the two areas demanded Autonomy; it is not a new issue it has all along been there in the 5th. Protocol, some of them perhaps work with hear-say not on hard facts, the fact was the two areas during the six year interim period enjoyed autonomy see the competencies which were different from the rest of the competencies of the states in Sudan, autonomy never been a synonymy to separation as they would want others to believe, that is a propaganda, our position is autonomy within the united Sudan and I assure you comrades is doable.

The Coalition SRF in which SPLM is a forming member jointly worked hard to create the necessary conducive environment for such a comprehensive solution, staring from the establishment of the SRF itself as A Sudanese apolitical organization followed by interaction with Sudanese opposition parties and forces, we achieved together MOU, Declarations of which SUDAN CALL as recent as we are aware the signatories are now under key and lock, (Ustaz Faruk Abuisa, Dr. Amin Mekki Medani Dr. Faraha Agar and earlier Imam Sadik Al-Mahadi Sudan former prime minister toppled by the same system , Ibrahim Al-sheik and 394 members of the SPLM-N in various prisons of which 18 are sentenced to death awaiting execution and 83 are sentenced to serve long term imprisonment .our message to Khartoum better not increase your charges of crimes against humanity .

Khartoum has different position first it insists on different forms continuation of piece meal solutions, Darfur in Doha, SPLM in Addis Ababa to discuss what so called problem of the two areas and Darfur. They know this method has been tried and failed, Khartoum is not for peace but to negotiate surrender that we refused to accept and we will continue to refuse any surrender. Khartoum wants to discuss security arrangement and disarmament without addressing the conflict issues that will never happen. Finally Khartoum believes in military solution we will frustrate that.

My message to you Compatriots, comrades in arms, Khartoum’s propaganda machine bombards us and our population with mere lies that they do care of the two areas and would want to bring peace! It works hard to discredit the leadership that they do not want peace and working for different Agenda, that is mere lie and propaganda, at points childish and laughing stock when they ushers in US and State of Israel .The truth is we work for peace as I mentioned earlier. Khartoum will continue to maximized that propaganda to win the short-site comrades and fellow countrymen to join in the dance at the end the truth shall prevail.

I congratulate our negotiating team under the leadership of the S/G for the job well done, they went through enormous pressures internally and externally and these are not going to end, the deep waters are still ahead, they have not bend to these baseless pressures and they will not commit SPLM into bad peace.

For the AUHIP Chair and the team, we comments the efforts exerted despite the progress is not to the expectations, yet our emphasis are when separate contributions of the various Sudanese opposition parties and forces (SRF , New down ,Paris declaration , Addis declaration and now Sudan Call ) are ignored this constitutes a clear case of functional impulse becoming potentially dysfunctional for these efforts have been removed from the environment it was designed for . (Realization of comprehensive peace.)


Fellow countrymen,

Members of the SEF Coalition

This stock taking will not be complete without SRF and its contributions to the Sudanese politics. It a collation born out of practical political situation, the establishing members are JEM , SLM-M, SPLM-N , SLM-A UMMA Party , DUP later joined by the ESF ) it is an open club that intended as embodied in Kauda declaration signed Jan. 10th.2012 to contribute to peace in Sudan and participate in peaceful exchange of power through elections . Without this coalition we could not have produced SRF document for Re-Structuring of the Sudanese state and important document that spells out SRF vision for the administration of Sudan after the NCP regime, without it we could not have collectively reached the new down document that cemented and enhance the collective vision of over twenty signatory parties and political forces, without it Paris declaration could not have been realized, without it SRF road map for peaceful settlement count not have achieved and without it Sudan Call could have been impossible .

SRF has enormously contributed towards peace in Sudan these documents all leads to peace.

In responding to Khartoum military offensives SRF has successfully frustrated Khartoum and Abu-Karshoala was a decisive military achievement by the joint SRF forces.

I congratulate all members of the SRF leadership, rank and file for these achievements.

My message is that with unity we managed to influence the trend of the Sudanese politics and demonstrated first the unity of the marginalized groups in Sudan and we can provide leadership for the Sudanese. We must cement our unity and work hard to unite the Sudanese opposition for the sake of riding off Sudan from the repression and the yoke of NCP regime and its evils.


Fellow countrymen

It will be unethical not to comment on the contributions of the forces of New Down the signatories who faced brutally by Khartoum and many of them were unlawfully detained without charges or trail but all regime media machinery branded them ridiculously as traitors, sale outs. These were the same forces and political forces who moved the Sept. uprising that ruthlessly suppressed by the security apparatus and resulted in killing of over 300 innocent young lifes . They will always be remembered by anybody who writes chapter in the Sudanese politics and resistance.

SPLM leadership recognizes these contributions as they deserve and why not? Those hero’s who were detained and still being detained it is because of the cause of human dignity as I mentioned some earlier.

Complements to influential Sudanese figures who manage to stand high before this regime Imam Al-Mahdi without him Paris declaration and Addis declaration and Sudan Call could not have been achieved, those of Ibrahim Al-Sheikh and individuals like late Mahjoub Sharif who’s method was the fine word which stood as a backdrop to the beauty of the struggle, late Mohamed Wardi the voice and melody that cuts deep into the blood vessels of the Dictators since the sixties he confronted all Sudan dictators and suffered a lot under their hands , I would not conclude without mentioning the fine pen of Osman Mergani and his fellows , a pen that penetrated into the emperor of the Corruption and exposed its ugly breast . It will be unfair not mention the contributions of Madam Lubna Hussein and Mariam Abrar these two ladies and others stood grounds in front of the repression of the regime and suffered a lot from their firm and correct positions.

Our congratulations goes to where it deserve more YOUTH organizations WOMEN movements and civil society organizations whom their leaders are languishing in prison

Our complements go to the internal, regional and international organizations, civil society organizations and individuals as Dr. Mukesh Kapila Dr. Aisha El-Basari, Fr. Kasito, Esther Sprague , Ryan Boyette and Bishop Makaram for their support to the cause of the Sudanese people.


Fellow countrymen

The leadership recognizes the efforts of our fellow struggler in his own rights the chairman of the National Broad Front Ustath Ali Mahamud Hassanen for their contributions to towards regime change.


Fellow countrymen and comrades in arms

I wish you all prospers year Aloutta Continua.




SRF Oyee

New year Oyee


For SPLM-N leadership

Malik Agar Eyre

Chairperson SPLM-N

Liberated Areas