This map – from the Famine Early Warning System says it all.

Ethiopia is now officially the country “with the largest acutely food insecure population in the world.”


Drought - Horn of Africa

The report talks only of Ethiopia – which is clearly badly effected. But from the map above the impact stretches from the Chad border to Somalia.

This is the conclusion for Ethiopia – but where is the analysis for the rest of the Horn?

Following the worst drought in more than 50 years, a major food security emergency is ongoing in central and eastern Ethiopia.

The Government of Ethiopia estimates that 10.2 million people will require emergency food assistance in 2016, making Ethiopia the country with the largest acutely food insecure population in the world.

Already, significant populations in northern Somali region and southern Afar are in Emergency (IPC Phase 4), meaning that they are unable to access adequate food for survival and face an increased risk of malnutrition and mortality.

Map 7 illustrates that, by the January to March period, the area classified as Emergency is expected to expand to include areas of eastern Oromia; after March, areas classified as Emergency may increase further.

Sustained, large – scale, multi-sectoral emergency assistance is required immediately to save lives and livelihoods.