General Siphiwe NyandaA South African radio station – Power FM – is carrying reports that a number of senior former Umkhonto weSizwe senior officers have called for Jacob Zuma to step down and for the ANC to hold a Special Congress.

This story was first  carried by the Sunday Times.

The demand was made  in a memo handed to ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe, by General Siphiwe Nyanda. [See below]

Another station – Radio 702 – says it has spoken to General Nyanda and that he, and his colleagues, are calling for an ANC Special Congress to be held to replace President Zuma.

General Nyanda was hijacked last night.

He now appears to be safe, with his daughter, Ziyanda saying the family would like to thank all the those who sent them well wishes.

More on the highjacking at below, including details of the splits in the MK veterans organisation, with General Nyanda accusing some of acting as ‘Zuma’s private army.’

The General was Chief of Defence 1998 – 2005, and before that a member of Operation Vula – along with Jacob Zuma.

Meanwhile, ANC stalwart and Rivonia trialist Denis Goldberg has joined calls for President  Zuma to step down.

“I believe that President Zuma pre-liberation was a hero and after has done magnificent things,” he told News24.

“I think for some reason, I’m not sure what it is, he is now caught in a position which sometimes seems to be destroying the very thing he built and helped to build and that’s deeply tragic.”

“I believe that President Zuma pre-liberation was a hero and after has done magnificent things. I think for some reason, I’m not sure what it is, he is now caught in a position which sometimes seems to be destroying the very thing he built and helped to build and that’s deeply tragic.”


ANC General's Memo


FULL TEXT: MK generals, veterans call for Zuma to step down

Source: News 24

2016-03-23 16:57

Memorandum from Senior Commanders and Commissars of the former military wing of the ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe.

A time to Act!

  1. We, the undersigned, are all committed cadres of the African National Congress, having served our glorious movement for many decades. Throughout our lives, and whenever the need arose, we did not hesitate to raise our hands to be counted among those who could be deployed in her service. Whatever the challenges we faced, whatever the risks we had to endure, we gave our all. In responding to the call of duty, we never strove for personal benefit, status or power. We executed our tasks as commanded to us by the leadership of the ANC, comfortably in the knowledge that the decisions of the leadership were based solely on the selfless pursuit of the well-being of our people. As such, we did not hesitate to shed our quota of blood.
  2. We responded to call our duty, because we correctly believed, as we still do, in the centrality of the ANC in the people’s struggle against apartheid, and in the democratic transformation of our society to achieve a better life for the people of our country.
  3. As disciplined cadres of the movement, we sought always to interpret the actions of the leadership of the ANC, through the policies, strategies and tactics of our organisation.
  4. Recent events in our beloved country have both saddened and outraged us. The unwarranted and unceremonious removal of Comrade Nene from the post of Minister of Finance and his proposed re-deployment to a junior post in the New Development Bank leaves much to be desired and communicates the singular message that all is not well with our movement and in the State. What objective was served by the removal of Comrade Nene at such a fragile time of the country’s economy? How do we justify his redeployment to a junior post as a decisive promotion directed at serving the national interest? By what criteria was Cde Des van Rooyen chosen to this most critical post?
  5. We welcomed the intervention that led to the appointment of Comrade Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance. This was a critical and necessary corrective step in order to prevent massive irreparable damage to the economy.
  6. We are outraged by the investigation of so called SARS “rogue unit” by the Hawks of Comrade Pravin Gordhan and other senior comrades in such a public and antagonistic matter that would suggest the abuse of state institutions for purposes other than which they were created for. We are of the view, that these comrades are been targeted because they have consistently taken a stand against all forms of corruption and mismanagement in our public life, especially where it concerns public finances. We demand to know on whose instructions are the Hawks acting on and for what purposes? How do we justify the destruction of our economy and currency by such despotic acts
  7. The recent revelations by Comrade Jonas Mcebisi that he was offered the post of Minister of Finance by the Gupta family in the presence of Duduzani Zuma is shocking and most embarrassing to the integrity of the ANC and the State. We salute this most courageous of acts by Comrade Mcebisi, and believe he has acted in the interest of the truth and in the defence of the the prestige ANC. We reject with contempt efforts to malign his integrity and good standing, and specifically call on Cde Kebby Maphatsoe to desist from further maligning the good name of Comrade Jonas Mcebisi.
  8. In the light of these revelations, we demand to know what role do the Gupta family play in the appointment of Ministers and to what end? Which other Ministers have been approached in this manner? What are private arrangements that have been made with the Gupta family? Is the the leadership of the ANC aware of these arrangements ? On whose authority does the Gupta Family act in such a despicable manner?
  9. In the absence of any coherent explanation to all of the above we are forced to conclude that the ANC no longer leads, and that important decisions of the State are subject to outside influence and unilateralism without any regard to the well-being of the country or our people;
  10. As a direct consequence of these actions our country has been plunged into an uncertain and perilous future.
  11. Further, over the years we have witnessed, amongst others, the rise of factions and slates, the diminishing quality of ANC cadreship, the rise of antagonisms within the Alliance, the breakaway of Unions from Cosatu, the break-up of the ANC youth League, the marginalization of committed ANC comrades, the rise of vulgar and unsophisticated politics within the ANC, the silencing of critical but necessary voice within the ANC, the wanton destabilization of critical state institutions, the wasteful expenditure of state resources, the devaluing of the critical institution of Parliament, the erosion of trust within the various arms of the State, the unprecedented rise of patronage and cronyism, the Juniorization of the State and the ANC and most alarming of them all, the capture of the State for the pursuit of the private interest of the few.
  12. The country as a whole has been subjected to one crisis after another. As a result the nation building project so necessary for the prosperity of our country, is unfolding before our very eyes and the national psyche is characterized by helplessness and the fear of what the future may hold.
  13. Whilst the challenges that face the ANC are many and complex, we are most concerned about the increasing tendency of state capture. In this regard, we want to be clear and unambiguous, when we speak of state capture, we speak of the undue influence that the Gupta family exerts on the decisions of the State for their private benefit. We can no longer remain silent in the face of this most undemocratic and dangerous of developments.
  14. There are many, many accounts of their undue influence on the decisions of the State. We are convinced that much of these accounts are true. There can be no smoke, without fire!!
  15. We call on the leadership of the ANC to act against this tendency and reclaim its dignity. We must free the ANC and the State from the influence of the Guptas and their beneficiaries;
  16. Specifically, we called on the leadership of the ANC to establish a independent judicial commission of enquiry to investigate all claims of undue influence by the Gupta family on the ANC and on the State.
  17. We call on the leadership ANC to assess, in light of the many failings and embarrassing revelations pertaining to the leadership of Comrade J ZUMA of both the ANC and the State, the wisdom to continue with Comrade J Zuma at the helm of both the ANC and the State. We are of the view, that for the sake of the ANC and the country a dignified exit should be negotiated with Comrade J Zuma.

Long live the ANC !


This is what Wikipedia says about General Nyanda:

He joined Umkhonto weSizwe (MK), the military wing of the African National Congress, in 1974, and served as a field commander during the liberation struggle against the South African government in the 1980s. He was appointed MK Chief of Staff in 1992, and served on the Transitional Executive Council which oversaw the change of government in 1994.

Maj Gen Nyanda became part of the South African National Defence Force, into which MK was incorporated in 1994, and served successively as Chief of Defence Force Staff (1994 – 1996), General Officer Commanding Gauteng Command (1996 – 1997), Deputy Chief of the SANDF (1997 – 1998), and Chief of the SANDF (1998 – 2005).


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Former Minister Siphiwe Nyanda hijacked – Sowetan

By Mpho Rabrife

The Sowetan,
23 March 2016

Former communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda was reportedly hijacked in Rooihuskraal, Centurion on Tuesday night, ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza said.

Khoza had written a post on his Facebook account asking people to be on the lookout for three black men driving a blue Porche Panamera in Centurion.

“The person that was robbed is General Siphiwe ‘Gebhuza’ Nyanda. The suspects took the Johannesburg route,” he added.

SA police spokesperson Mack Mngomezulu was not aware of the hijacking and said he could only verify the information at a later stage.

Khoza said he had been notified by friends that Nyanda had been hijacked, then decided to spread the word on the social platform.

The car had since been recovered, he believed.

“Two people have come back to me to say that the car has been found. There were things removed from the car,” he said.

The car had been recovered near where the hijacking had taken place, Khoza said.

Nyanda’s whereabouts were not immediately known as his phone was off, but Khoza believed the former military commander was in a safe place.


‘MKMVA is divisive’ – Nyanda slams ANC’s army veterans – Sunday World

George Matlala

Sunday World, Johannesburg,
3 September 2012

ONE of President Jacob Zuma’s senior advisers has broken ranks and accused the ANC’s military veterans of behaving like the president’s “private army”, beating up those who are opposed to his re-election bid.

In an unprecedented attack against the pro-Zuma Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA), presidential parliamentary counsellor Siphiwe Nyanda said Zuma was not the commander-in-chief of the organisation as claimed by its leaders.

“The notion advanced by some leaders of the MKMVA that Jacob Zuma is a commander-chief of the MKMVA is a dangerous illusion,” he said.

“The ANC has no army. The president of the ANC does not possess a private army,” said Nyanda in a letter published by the Sunday Times today.

Nyanda, whom Zuma kicked out of his cabinet in November 2010, was one of Umkhonto weSizwe’s former senior leaders, having risen as high as the post of chief of staff of the erstwhile ANC military wing. He is believed to be part of a group of ANC leaders who are campaigning for Zuma’s removal after he fell out with the president during his (Nyanda’s) tenure as communications minister.

Nyanda, an ANC national executive committee (NEC) member, wrote: “To style MKMVA as a security or enforcement arm of the ANC is wrong. It has no such mandate. No decision of any ANC structure or even its own constitution gives MKMVA such a role.”

The MKMVA has been embroiled in a bitter battle with expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema and his supporters. Its members kicked and punched Malema’s rebelling supporters ahead of Zuma’s lecture in Limpopo in July.

The party, which called for Malema’s expulsion at the height of his disciplinary hearing in April, also raised eyebrows earlier this year when its KwaZulu-Natal branch charged in a statement that “if it was still the struggle era, Julius Malema would have been killed by the firing squad for the way in which he was rude to the ANC leadership”.

These statements and actions, according to Nyanda, threatened to tarnish the history of the MK and the ANC’s image.

He added that the MKMVA was failing to take care of the welfare of its members, who were being buried without dignity and support from the organisation.

“The focus, rather, would seem to high-profile ANC events. or on issues that have the potential to divide rather than unite the ANC,” he said.

But MKMVA chairman Kebby Maphatsoe shrugged off Nyanda’s statements: “All these things are about Mangaung. The MKMVA has been vocal about the retention of the president. This is an attack against President Zuma in another way.

“The majority of MK members who are being buried in a pathetic way are people who were dismissed dishonourably in his [Nyanda’s] presence [at the SANDF]. He [Nyanda] must also say what did he do [for MK members] when he was chief of the SANDF,” he said.

Maphatsoe said Nyanda didn’t do anything for MKMVA members, as a former MK chief.

“He never fought for us. For him to utter such a statement is a problem. He should have consulted with us if he has a problem with the MKMVA,” he said.

“We have never said President Zuma is a commander-in-chief of the MKMVA. Zuma is a commander-in-chief of the SANDF. We are not a private army of the ANC. We are an integral part of the ANC.”

But Maphatsoe warned that those who disrupted ANC events will face the wrath of the former soldiers.