The Dutch parliament last night (Thursday) discussed a resolution calling for action against the Eritrean government for its activities in the Netherlands.

These included a decision to ban supporters of the ruling party – the PFDJ – from working in the Dutch immigration service where they have acted as translators.

Before the debate a petition signed by 14,000 Eritreans and their supporters was handed into the Parliament.

Below is not an official transcript or translation of the resolution, but is broadly accurate.

The resolution will be debated on Tuesday 5 July when the issue will be finally approved.


The Dutch National Parliament conducted a session about the influence of the PFDJ regime on the Eritrean community in Holland. This followed multiple examples of intimidation, blackmailing and threats. A series of PFDJ courtcases against opponents of the regime also received the attention of the Dutch government and Parliament finally decided to act.

The resolution calls for the Dutch government to:

1. investigate the role of Eritrean embassy on the Eritrean community
2. investigate (community) organizations which are affiliated with PFDJ
3. prohibit PFDJ supporters to enter or work at asylum seekers centres
4. investigate subsidies given to suspected PFDJ affiliated organisations
5. increased attention to the participation and integration in the Dutch society of Eritrean refugees
6. increased diplomacy towards the UN to resolve the border demarcation with Ethiopa
7. increased diplomacy towards the European Commission to get it to reconsider the conditions attached to the EU 200m development aid package for Eritrea
8. cancel asylum for PFDJ supporters
9. investigate the financial infrastructure and flows of PFDJ funding and the Eritrean embassy in the Netherlands
10. support for UNHRC for the improvement human rights in Eritrea