I have received this eyewitness report from Asmara. I have also received a video with shots being fired and people running.


There have been gun shots in Asmara. There was some protest around መስጊድ ጃምዕ፡ then the police were shooting in the air and people running everywhere…
I was about to go center earlier today but you won’t believe what happened.
There was a rally of youth in the downtown area a few hours ago, right after I said bye earlier. I don’t know how many people were there, but I had lunch right after I reached home.
I was thinking of resting for a bit, and then to go down to the centre, when all of the sudden we heard gun shot and a lot of screaming and shouting.
Then 5-8 youths run by our street. My house was closed but they enter the house in front of us for security.
A few second later police came by car were shooting as if they were in rabbit hunting competition!
Imagine: the kids from the neighbourhood were playing on the street, including my brother.
It  was around 5 and all kinds of kindergarten kids had finished class.
I literally don’t have words to explain what I saw….The street just turned into something like a Mogadishu streets in the movie Black Hawk Down!