Details of the scale of the repression under way in Asmara following Tuesday’s protests have been smuggled out of Eritrea.

They are provided in a document [see below] which comes from the United Democratic Eritrean Front.

The information has not been independently corroborated.


Prisoners: 5th Police Station -58; Adi Abieto- 20; FerroVia-43; 14 women of total 121 prisoners.

Wounded (due to beatings or shots fired) -19, including 5 women and a 67 year old elderly man. Four sustained heavy bullet wounds.

General Filpos has ordered three battalions commanded by Colonel Haregot Frzun deployed to Akria.

They have searched some homes.

He ordered the forces to be on high alert during Friday prayers at mosques.

He has also ordered Asmara, Massawa, Keren, Afabet, Aqurdet,  Barentu and other areas to be under heavy vigilance by security forces.
The security forces have been told that the demonstrators are paid agents of the Qatari government who want a Sharia law government in Eritrea.