Eritreans took to the streets of Brussels today to demand the closure of the Eritrean Embassy.

Eritrean demonstration BrusselsThe demonstration – just before Christmas – brought together Eritreans from across the city and beyond.

Their action was in support of the protests in Asmara on 31 October against the Eritrean government’s decision to seize control of an Islamic school.

The administration of an Islamic school protested against this high-handed action and a number of people were arrested, including 90-year-old Hajj Musa Mohammed Nur.

In a rare show of anger, about 100 students came out onto the streets in a rare show of public opposition to what the government had done.

Troops shot into the air and there were a number of arrests.


Eritreans around the world have demonstrated their support for this resistance: from Stockholm to Washington, from London to Brussels.

Today’s protest was also against the activities of Eritrean government agents in Europe.

These agents spy on their fellow citizens among the Eritrean diaspora: intimidating them if they stop out of line and attempting to force them to pay the 2% tax the Eritrean government extracts from its people, even if they live abroad. This is the ‘long arm’ of the Eritrean regime.


Eritrean demonstration Brussels