Sounds far fetched? Yes it does…but read on.

Let’s begin with what we already know.

Boris Johnson’s team has already started flooding Facebook with ads.

As Tom Lillywhite, an IT expert, writes in the New Statesman:

“At time of writing there are over 270 ads running from the page, all with the tiniest of variations and messaging tweaks: blue vs red banners, different feature images, call-to-action buttons on images or not, group shots vs close-ups of Johnson.

The ads themselves switch between asking what people’s priorities are, and a video of Boris Johnson hammering home his leadership election messages: deliver Brexit, unite the country, and defeat Corbyn.”

This is a replica of Project Alamo used by the Trump campaign using 5000 data points to target the electorate – and win the Presidency from Hilary Clinton.

The government’s campaign is – in effect – what has been described as unleasing  a psychological warfare tool on the British public.

This will be backed by a massive public campaign to be launched by the government on television, and paid for out of taxation.

Want to see this all laid out in detail? Watch the Great Hack, on Netflix.

Its what the Guardian journalist, Carole Cadwalladr has been writing about for months.

The Great Hack, Netflix